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Jul 23, 2012 08:36 PM

The Little House - Boynton Beach

Now open at 480 East Ocean Ave, Boynton Beach.

This is the new venture from Chef Chrissy Benoit, perhaps best known from her previous Havana Hideout funky restaurant in Lake Worth.

The menu is... delightfully eclectic. I had Indian Butter Chicken with Naan, Mixed Greens and Lemon Basmati Rice at lunch today ($9) and I can't wait to try about 10 other items.

There's a great looking happy hour, and all sorts of fun apparently in the works such as pig roasts, chili cookoff, rib cookoff, pajama party, you name it. I think this is going to be a big hit in this location...

A few other random menu items to give you a feel for what's going on here:

Pickled Beet and Toasted Walnut Salad with Cilantro, Brown Sugar and Balsamic...
Ahi Tuna with Cucumbers and Fresh Ponzo...
Old School Chicken and Dumplings...
Smoked Chicken and Grape Sliders...
Pulled Pork Sandwich on Onion Kaisier with Chipotle Coleslaw...
20 Craft Beers on Draft plus unique Sangrias and Good Wines and Soft Drinks...

I am not listing the prices because I don't want them to get mobbed too soon (although it sounds like word's spreading fast).

It's on Ocean Avenue, about a block east of Hotdogopolis/Jerk Shack and about a block west (and across the street) of Hurricane Alley. In a historic house that was moved and renovated.

Article / Video about the opening here:

They actually have an iTunes App for the menu and all the usual info etc...

and some Facebook pages as well... but I'll be darned if I can find a website with it. This is the closest thing but contains little useful info:

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  1. Bill Citara has a few comments in Boca Mag. Also see reader's comments below the article =>

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    1. re: CFByrne

      I ate there Friday with my daughters. I had the chicken and dumplings and my girls shared the BBQ pork sandwich. We split the cookie plate for dessert. All of our food was fabulous and they had a great selection of soft drinks for the girls as well as a nice selection of beers for adults. The service was great, the Little House is quaint and tastefully decorated inside. I will be back soon to try more.

      1. re: GatorFL

        Ate there again recently. Unfortunately they were ouf of the BBQ pork sandwich which I wanted to try. I get the impression they run out of stuff frequently. They probably bring most food in prepared already from her production kitchen. My daughters split the mac and cheese (they loved it) and my wife had the chicken and dumplings. She loved hers as well. I tried the smoked chicken and grape salad sliders and while the chicken salad itself was great, the slider buns were not. They seemed stale and one of them appeared to have some mold on it. So, a mixed review. I'll give it one more shot but probably won't return if my experience is the same.

        1. re: GatorFL

          Ate here a final time last week. I don't think I will go back. I finally got that BBQ pork sandwich and while it was good, I had a couple of thoughts while eating and on my way home.

          First, they don't really "cook" anything here. They nuke the stuff they prepare in their commercial kitchen. I don't know why but I have a problem with this. The food is good but not as good as freshly-prepared stuff. IMO the microwave minimizes the cooking.

          Second, I am not happy with the menu. The only real standout is the chicken and dumplings. After owning a place like Havana Hideout, I am surprised the owner settled on such a crappy menu. There is variety and it all seems centered around comfort food, but there is just not a lot of creativity with the menu. The food they are offering right now is simply just OK and given her past success and creativity, I have a higher expectation from her. What she has now seems like a cop out to me.

          I actually like the Little House as a bar. Let me restate that. The environment just screams "BAR" to me. The setting--where it is at, the interior and exterior decor--would be perfect for a bar. They have great sangria and a bunch of great beers on tap, along with a huge big screen. They already promote the bar aspect so maybe they are shifting in that direction. I think a bar with a small contingent of bar food will fare better than what they have now.

          1. re: GatorFL

            GatorFL, pretty much agree with all you have to say.

            We've had just about everything on the very small menu, and what now?

            I too have some trouble with the reheat / commisarry idea. Can they expand and actually put in a kitchen?

            I like the atmosphere, the people are terrific, the decor etc cool. So I'll likely be back but perhaps not for full dinners, unless the menu expands and/or adds specials.

      2. The original comment has been removed