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Jul 23, 2012 07:34 PM

Good kolaches in Austin

Anyone know where to find good homemade kolaches in Austin - no chains (Kolache Factory, Lone Star Kolaches, etc). Something homemade like Weikel's in La Grange or Hruska's in Ellinger. I'm getting together with family this weekend and it would love to serve these for breakfast.

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  1. The best kolaches I have had in Austin are from Mrs. Johnson's they do not taste like mass produced chain store stuff, though I cannot tell you how they compare to Weikel's or Hruska's as I have not had the pleasure to patronize those two establishments (yet...)

    1. My favorite is Kolache Shoppe on Burnet. They recently changed their name to Kolache Creations.

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        Yep, this gets my vote too. We always get a slew for our Christmas party and have never been dissappionted.