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Jul 23, 2012 06:36 PM

Midtown restos with kids- suggestions (Ma Peche, Inakaya, Eataly..?)

Hi all,

We will be in NYC for the day with our two kids (ages 5-7). We are planning on doing Top of the Rock, Central Park and FAO Schwartz.

We are thinking of going to Eataly for lunch (a bit further south I know) and maybe trying a Japanese robata place like Mr. Robata or Inakaya.

My girls are good eaters so they will eat anything. Ideally we want to stay central-ish.

Should we switch out one of our choices for Ma Peche? I am kind of curious to try the pork buns and then go to Milk Bar next door for dessert.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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  1. Ma Peche is not kid friendly. The tables are tight, not alot of room however the pork buns are great. Eataly is a little bit further south but it's more family friendly in my opinion as I've seen lots of kids there. There is a gelato bar also.

    1. Ma Peche is the closest and best restaurant for your family if you're seeking a restaurant near FAO Schwarz. With a party of 4, you should be able to get one of the individual tables. The tables on both walls are close together, but are fine. The lunch menu has recently been revamped to more of a soup and sandwich menu with a few main dishes. The pork buns are also on the menu. Of all the David Chang restaurants, I find Ma Peche to be the most child friendly (I've seen a number of families eating there; the restaurant is located in a hotel so it is not surprising). Ma Peche is located downstairs; Milk Bar which has the yummy cookies/cake slices/soft serve is located at the street level as you enter Ma Peche.

      1. I think they have prok puns at the milk bar. Maybe you could get them and some sweets to go

        1. I wouldn't really recommend Ma Peche for kids. The tables are so uncomfortably spaced that you're literally elbow-to-elbow with your neighbors. Some people may not enjoy eating elbow-to-elbow with strangers' kids, unfortunately.

          Instead, I recommend making a reservation at The Bar Room at the Modern a few blocks south. They're very friendly and family-friendly, have great food and atmosphere, and are around the same price point as Ma Peche. Their desserts are wonderful too. I'm a big fan of their beignets and caramel chocolate dome.

          1. thanks all! I think we may swing by MilkBar for a treat but skip lunch and do Eataly instead. if you had to pick one thing only at Milkbar what shoudl it be -- the cereal ice cream, compost cookie or crack pie?

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              While I'm not a fan of the cereal milk soft serve, as soon as I'm done with my diet, I'm walking over to Milk Bar and getting a slice of crack pie and a compost cookie. I adore both of them, and they're my most favorite items at Milk Bar.

              1. re: jacolis

                Milk Bar items are shareable! I actually really like the cake truffles (1 packet contains 3 of the same flavor), corn cookie, cornflake-marshmallow cookie, and chocolate-chocolate cookie. Not the biggest fan of the cereal ice cream, compost cookie or crack pie. The crack pie is very, very sweet and rich. Think pecan pie without the actual pecans.