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Jul 23, 2012 06:25 PM

Guinea eggs

So our first guinea fowl (we have five) have just started laying eggs... I found four in the coop this morning.

I've never eaten guinea eggs (or the birds themselves, to be truthful) - I'm curious as to whether anyone has experience with them, how they might be different from my chickens' eggs except the obvious size difference, and suggestions of how best to cook them and show them off! Thanks :)


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  1. I have no experience with guinea fowl eggs, but how different can they be in composition from chicken eggs. Experiment by cracking the eggs into a bowl and scramble them. Make a simple omelet and see how it turns out.

    1. BTW, did you access any websites using the keywords 'guinea eggs' or 'guinea fowl eggs?' Try it and see what kind of info is available.