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Jul 23, 2012 06:16 PM

Good child friendly steak in Boston

My husband, his parents and our 12 mo old will be visiting Boston soon and are looking for a solid good steak - any recommendations? I lived in Boston 6 years ago but now feel pretty out of touch with the restaurant scene. It doesn't have to be amazing...i.e., not Del Frisco's Grill 23, Abe & Louie's etc. and doesn't have to solely serve steaks but be somewhere nice that also happens to have high chairs. Are there any bistros, up market pubs, new american restaurants that have opened and would fit the bill? Thanks very much for any help!

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  1. Perhaps Brasserie Jo? I have not had their steak frites myself, but have heard positives about it on this board. We did go for brunch there however. The crepes and Croque Monsieur we had were really lovely. The kids had fluffy pancakes that they devoured before turning to their parents' meals. :) The wait staff were extremely accommodating of my two girls (ages 2 and 5), giving them crayons and paper for drawing/coloring. A really nice experience for us.

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      I think this is a great recommendation. I'd also suggest gaslight in the south end for a good steak frites and an easy place (with parking if that matters) that is fine earlyish for a kid I should think. Always just an easy time for varying tastes even if it won't blow your hair back.