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Jul 23, 2012 06:09 PM

Cake in SD

One of the new guys at work likes cake. Asked me where you can buy a really good chocolate cake. I usually make my own or go with Costco if I need to feed an army of kids. He said someone told him Bristol Farms but he didn't like it.
Where can you buy a good cake, especially chocolate cake in SD? I know there's supposed to be a good cake place in Encinitas but he wants closer to home.

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  1. I like Extraordinary Desserts + European Cake Gallery. Sumi's Oven is amazing if you're looking to order something for a special occasion. Pubcakes is awesome if you're craving cupcakes.

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        3rd it.

        One word is all you need to know: Swissblackforestcake.

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          Actually I prefer the Truffle Cake,

          'Dark chocolate cake with layers of boiled chocolate and cream, similar to fudge.'

          But the 'Swissblackforestcake' will do in a pinch...d;^)

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        my husband's family used to get him the black forest cake every year for his birthday when he was growing up so we kind of have a sentimental connection to that one... but the "dark chocolate cake with layer of boiled chocolate and cream, similar to fudge" does quite fine for me too... :D

      3. If 'closer to home' is Bonita or Chula Vista, then Hans and Harry's makes great cakes (as well as other pastries).

        1. i second Extraordinary Deserts.

          1. Where is "closer to home"?

            The bakery inside the Northgate Marekt on 43rd does a pretty good chocolate cake. They sell it as a round layer cake, or an oblong (bar) layer cake. It's iced and then decorated with glazed fruit.

            The whipped cream cake at The Grove Bakery in Lemon Grove is also pretty decent.

            1. Husband and I just gobbled, no, INHALED, a half dozen cupcakes from Pubcakes. Everyone should go now and have one. They were extraordinary. Moist perfection.