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Jul 23, 2012 05:52 PM

Suggestions please for downtown Edmonton restaurant

Hello Chowhounders,

We (a group of about 12) will be in Edmonton on the August long weekend and need a suggestion for a restaurant, ideally near the Sutton Place. I know we are very near Pazzo Pazzo but I think the price range might be a bit high for some people in our party. Meze by Koutouki looks interesting but I can't find a menu or any kind of pricing online. A short cab ride wouldn't be a problem - we're just looking for good, reasonably-priced (entree's in the low $20's) food.

Many thanks,

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  1. Meze is closed. Its parent, Koutouki is still open right next door. I like Koutouki myself, though some would say it's over-priced, like most Greek in Edmonton. I don't mind so much as I really enjoy the food and am always treated like family. It may be over your price point.
    If you want Greek, 'Its All Greek To Me' is close by and much more affordable. Good food, though not as authentic as Koutouki, and they are good at serving groups.
    Sorrentinos is close by and has a great private room for your size group - again, it may be pricey so have a look online at their menu.
    Hope you enjoy your visit!

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    1. re: MrsCris

      Pazzo Pazzo pasta dishes are massive. You do not need to order 1/person, if you are okay with family style then you could easily do about 8 of the large pastas (or they will cater it to your needs) and a couple salads. We went with a group of 9 (reservation) and if memory serves me we did 3 different types of pasta and 2 types of salad.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        The Pazzo Pazzo owners are arrogant, rude and on occasion belligerent, not hesitating to create loud confrontations with clients who comment on the service or the food.

        There is an excellent Thai Restaurant within walking distance called "Boualouang" (10569 97 St ,(780) 423-4207) where all entrees are under $18 , the portions are generous , and mains come with bowls of rice and green tea. Two shared "mains" would be enough for three people

        "It's All Greek to Me" is also a good option nearby (10127 100a St (780) 425-2073 ). A few doors down is "Tres Carnales" , arguably the only authentic Mexican taqueria in Edmonton, if you don't mind the music. Both are within your budget.

        1. re: felix the hound

          My experience with Pazzo Pazzo differs from yours Felix. I never experienced any problems other than some slow service from time to time (and we went quite a few times when I lived there)

          1. re: cleopatra999

            I was summarizing three relatively recent incidents observed and related (unprompted) by friends and colleagues. One was a first hand account of the man behind the counter challenging a customer who commented on the food to "step outside" to settle the disagreement.
            My wife and I were there some years ago and have not gone back because we did not like the quality of the food and the fact that they let some people smoke in the restaurant.

          2. re: felix the hound

            If you go to Tres Carnales make sure you go early, especially with a group of that size. Seating is limited. If the weather is nice you can do take out and eat on a bench.

            I have only had Pazzo Pazzo once as take out, and the food was so incredibly salty that we ended up making additional plain pasta and mixing it into our dishes. If I had been in the restaurant I would have complained and sent it back. I am not one to send dishes back unless there is something seriously wrong.

      2. If you like MrsCris' suggestion of Sorrentinos, there is a Cafe Sorrentinos in the basement of Edmonton Centre East, limited selections but much more reasonably priced than the actual Sorrentino restaurant.

        If you are staying at the Sutton place and have a big group, you may consider walking north, there are a few decent Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants around the 101St. 106-107 Ave area. Emperor's Palace, Urban China, Basil Leaf, Thanh Thanh. They should all be within your price range.

        If you like Indian, Hawelli's on 103 St. or Khazana on 107 St. both have reasonably price buffets in your price range.

        If you want a steak house, Ric's Grill (not my favourite) has entrees starting at the low 20s but may go as high as the high 30s. I am not a fan of Rics but some others are.

        Japanese Village on 103St. is pretty good for dinner, Teppanyaki starting at the mid 20s. with a bit of a show too, they have a big triangular table perfect for your group of 12.

        Sutton Place is 101 St. and 103 Avenue, so anything between 97-105 St. and Jasper-107 Ave. would be just a short walk. Walking north of 104 Ave may be a little rough (rough neighbourhood) so make sure you walk as a group if you head north.

        PS: My experience at Pazzo Pazzo is the same as Felix, food was average, portions are huge but did not enjoy the service and ambience.