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Any CH'er know of a commercial bakery in Edmonds/Lynwood area that rents baking space; or, a co-pack incubator for new food businesses that will bake your products?

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Thanks for any advice, the internet is producing nothing but dead ends so far.... Please help an innovative food business trying to open in Edmonds, WA with a production location to supply it:)

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  1. Hi GS,

    A couple years ago when we went down to Renton to celebrate a dear friend's retirement, I ordered a custom cake from this place, Cakes of Paradise:


    They're just across the IKEA on the other side of Lind Ave. At any rate, when I went to pick up the gorgeous cake, as it turns out their facility is part of a larger culinary "co-op" (if that's the right term) shared by several other like businesses, all in a light-industrial business park.

    So while they are not exactly close to where you're targeting, perhaps you can call them up for an inquiry and drop by for a look-see.

    PS: their cakes are fantastic.

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      Thanks LotusRapper for the tip. I know of that space, and one in West Seattle. Specifically looking for something in Snohomish County to minimize traffic/distance costs of supply aspects.

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        Good point, esp. with gas prices the way they are, and the traffic the way they are in King County. Good luck.

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          I remember driving by a place on Aurora, maybe around 90th, west side of the street that advertised rental kitchen...Not Edmonds, but a heck of a lot closer than Renton or W Sea

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          That seems to be the money shot right there. The Culinary Cooperative in Lynnwood.

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            Thanks AC, I had found this website, but unfortunately, the lynnwood location is a dead end. Sigh.

            I keep looking;)!