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Jul 23, 2012 05:01 PM

Is Avocado the new bacon?

Has the avocado craze overtaken bacon as the new "it" ingredient?

Thus far, off the top of my head, we have:

- Subway touting avocados as one of ther sub ingredients.

- Smashburger with an avocado garden burger

- Burger King and the California Burger with guacamole

- Wendy's with a similar guacamole burger concoction.

- Baja Fresh with avocado slices (not guacamole) in their burritos and fajitas

Can an avocado yogurt be far behind? Maybe a guacamole froyo? Or an avocado cupcake?

Anyone up for chocolate-dipped, deep-fried avocado fries?

Avocado Frappuccino® anyone? Yum ...

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    1. re: BabsW

      Oh, I was thinking of the avocado fries served at Connal's in Pasadena, CA, which is a dish sort of like chili fries - regular french fries smothered in a slightly spicy avocado sauce (but not quite as spicy as guacamole). But this sounds intriguing!

      My personal favourite way to enjoy avocados has always been as an avocado "shake" - add a little milk, a little honey, a little ice - blend - delicious. An Egyptian friend taught me this delicious no measure recipe.

        1. re: khh1138

          Here's a recipe maybe worth a try:

          The Avocado Bourbon Shake--

        2. re: BabsW

          I just had a very similar dish at happy hour at a very upscale restaurant near where I live. After the first few bites, I couldn't eat any more. There was just this weird disconnect between the coolness of the avo with the "fried" taste.

        3. I am too recently back on the omnivore wagon to have bacon pushed aside by avocados or anything else, with the possible exception of duck.

          Avocado is a great thing for a place like Subway to have because it's so wonderful in veg sandwiches. Other than nut butters, It's the most effective ingredient I can think of for turning a vegetarian sandwich into a satisfying meal. I haven't seen much of an increase in its use in restaurants in my town, though.

          1. I know Cheesecake Factory is reviled on Chowhound, but one of my favorite things to order there are their avocado eggrolls. I don't care for the Mimi's Cafe chain, but they have a burger I can always rely on, served on garlic bread, with cheese, bacon, AND avocado.

            Avocado and guacamole make everything better -- they are kind of like bacon that way. In Orlando's Vietnamese neighborhood, several local shops make bubble tea (boba tea), smoothies, and shakes, including avocado shakes and smoothies. They aren't quite as good as you would hope, but somehow better than you would expect.

            1. I love avocado ice cream and avocado chocolate velvet pudding and avocado chocolate pie!

              I hope it is the new "it" ingredient...healthy, tasty and versatile. What more could you ask for?

              1. I've been baking this cake for a number of years,

                Avocado eggs is a regular around my place. We use avocados like butter.