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Jul 23, 2012 04:36 PM

DTW: Can I get Fresh Ackee anywhere?

Looking to make some Ackee and Saltfish but I rather not get canned Ackee

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  1. Note that there is a restaurant that serves this dish.

    So there must be somewhere to buy the ingredient. Good luck!

    1. I think you'll have to go with canned, unless someone either snuck it past Customs or is growing in the US; fresh ackee is illegal to import into the US.

      From the USDA Fruits and Vegetables Manual, "Akee, Blighia sapida (all forms prohibited by FDA; if appropriate, alert Customs)". See page 6-6.

      1. Pretty sure it's illegal. Never saw it when I lived in Sofla....considering how many carribean people there are down there....
        Not to mention isn't it poisonous without processing?

        1. if available in SE MI area, Z Z's Produce on Packard (Ann Arbor) might be able to obtain?
          4092 Packard (734) 822-0494

          contact these folks?

          let me know if you see fresh breadfruit (ulu) anywhere, it makes the greatest latkes (potato pancakes)!