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Jul 23, 2012 04:32 PM

Vegas Foodie Vacation Help

I plan on taking a “foodie” vacation to Vegas this November. It will be my first trip and will be there for 5 days. I’m trying to come up with 5 different places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m looking for the best tasting food in Vegas. I’ve done some research and have the following lists:

Breakfast – Bouchon, Sterling Brunch, Verandah, Tableau
Lunch – Border Grill, Milos, China Poblano, Lotus of Siam, Spago, Tacos el Gordo
Dinner – Michael Mina, Guy Savoy, Fleur, Picasso, Sage, Joel Robuchon, L’Atelier, Raku, CUT, Le Cirque, E by Jose Andres, Kabuto, Scarpetta, Charlie Palmer

I have way more restaurants for dinner then I will actually be able to attend. Was most likely going to just go with the tasting menu wherever I went, provided they have one, however, if there is something I should order please let me know. Any help of any kind as far as where to eat and what to order would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. add mozen bistro for breakfast. or lunch. also pj clarke's for lunch.

    1. That's a very solid list - you've obviously done your homework. My primary suggestion would be to eliminate Fleur as a dinner option - based on my dinner there last January it just doesn't measure up to all your other picks. Border Grill is undeniably fun but that's another one you could reconsider - it used to be a regular stop for us (primarily because we usually stay at theHotel), but we scratched it off our list a few years ago after some less than exciting meals. Personally, I would probably pick Beijing Noodle #9 at Caesar's or one of the other Chinatown spots over Border Grill.