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Jul 23, 2012 03:38 PM

Pimms Cups: Limonta or Schweppe's Bitter Lemon?

Planning to serve Pimms Cups for a party Friday night. Have never had one myself actually. Have both Pellegrino Limonata and Schweppe's Bitter Lemon in the pantry. Would one be better than the other for this?

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  1. I bet both would be good, but the bitter lemon would be more my style. (I'm looking forward to a Pimm's Cup later today at the Napoleon House in New Orleans.)

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      Where's the "like" button when we need one? I want to be in New Orleans with a Pimm's Cup in my hand.

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        While maybe not the best Pimm's Cup in the world, the one at the Napoleon House was pretty good, and sitting in the courtyard watching the world go by was great.

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        I'm pretty sure Napoleon's uses 7Up. I had one at a party that was made with Sprite and I had to throw it out. Tasted like carbonated Karo syrup.

      3. if you have not had a pimm's cup yourself, i would highly recommend sampling one beforehand to make sure you make the right soda pick.

        i bought a bottle several years ago and could stand it with any type of lemon-lime soda. while searching for something to do with some wretched watermelon soda someone brought over, i found a match made in heaven.

        1. _Really_ late to the party, but…..
          Bitter Lemon
          Bitter Lemon
          Bitter Lemon!

          Almost 30 years ago, when my sister and I went to BC to visit our father, we discovered the awesome combo of Pimm's & Bitter Lemon, a cocktail Dad unintentionally mixed because he'd mistakenly picked up a six-pack of Bitter Lemon rather than ginger ale.
          My sister and I aren't drinkers, but, GollyBoyJeepers!!! We _loved_ that Pimm's & Bitter Lemon!
          We named the drink after the place we first had it: Dad's boat, The Exocet.
          The Exocet's amazingness has been augmented, we're sure, by its scarcity: Bitter Lemon was so hard to find in Toronto bars and shops back then, and is now impossible to find.

          I've no tolerance for alcoholic drinks anymore, but I want to bake Pimm's, lemon juice and tonic water into a cake, in the style of a Harvey Wallbanger cake. Yum!

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            Nowdays, where i live, at least Bitter Lemon is easy to find. Fever tree makes a really nice one.

          2. Bitter lemon for sure. Not only is it a wonderful drink on its own, but the main components of bitter lemon are tonic water and lemon juice, while the main component of Pimm's No. 1 is gin. So it's a natural combination! (assuming you like gin & tonics)