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Jul 23, 2012 03:25 PM

3 days of eating in Houston

We used to live in Houston and haven't been back in 10 years. Hugos just opened when we were there & now they just made their 10 year mark. So i'm looking for great restaurant recs again preferably stuff that's exciting and new ie in the past 10 years haha. (Oxheart is out for us)

No chains.

Also any reccs on French bakeries?

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  1. The Houston restaurant scene has exploded in the last couple of years and lots of the notable places are along lower Westheimer, which these days refers to a stretch at least out to Hugo's (used to be just the first 10 blocks). Among these are Uchi, Underbelly, El Real, Feast. Montrose and The Heights are the hottest neighorhoods but you'll want to avoid just about anything along Washington Ave, it's a bar scene. You'll find more about all of these on this board. I'm more of a hole-in-the-wall ethnic eatery type Chowhound and I don't keep up with 'the latest' very well. You should also check out Alison Cook's Top 100 list (there's a thread here) - it's her assessment of the most exciting places right now, not a 100 best of all time. I think it's a great list - she's been reporting on the Houston restaurant scene for almost 40 years.

    French bakeries - I only know of 2, French Gourmet Bakery on Westheimer, used to be on West Gray, and French Riviera Bakery on Chimney Rock. The latter would be my choice. I'm sure there are others.

    1. u might try, Roost-Indika (just celebrated 11 yrs)-Pondicheri-Artisans-Branch Water Tavern-Dolce Vita (to reopen soon after a fire)-L'Olivier-Ibiza-Queen Vic's-Oporto and Philippe. Spk'ing of Washington Ave, try Coppa, Laurenzo's,TQLA and a 2nd Benjy's. Enjoy!!

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