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Jul 23, 2012 03:25 PM

Demeyere Industry 5 Opinions?

Does anyone have opinions on the Industry 5 line from Demeyere? The line is sold exclusively at Sur La Table and they have a sale on the 3qt saute pan for $150. I really like the look and the handles, but I am worried it is not Demeyere quality. Plus, I am worried about purchasing a line that might not exist in a year.

How does it compare to All-Clad D5?

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  1. < I am worried it is not Demeyere quality>

    It is Demeyere quality, just not Demeyere philosphy. Demeyere has long promoted its unique design for individual cookware based on their functions. For example, frying pan are fully cladded, while a stock pot is disc bottom cladded. The Demeyere Industry breaks from this tradition and uses the same cladding design for all its cookware.

    <I am worried about purchasing a line that might not exist in a year>

    Likely to exist in a year, but you are correct to worry about its long term support.

    There is also another cookware to think about. It is much cheaper in comparison, but the spec looks reasonable. BonJur:


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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      I figured that was the case. It feels like the apollo line no longer really exists. I find it hard to pull the trigger on the Industry set unless Demeyere is willing to back (honor warranty) the line past its existence.

      1. re: jbrady3324

        <I find it hard to pull the trigger on the Industry set unless Demeyere is willing to back (honor warranty) the line past its existence.>

        Yeah, but that comes in risk for any cookware, right? For example, All Clad stainless steel line from 10 years ago is different than the one today. If you are to destory an old All Clad pan, it is doubtful that they can replace with the same pan. Usually, they will replce with the closest one they can find.

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          I know All-Clad is good about that. Is Demeyere? 10 years from now, I won't care if they replace the pan with a different looking pan as long as it functions close to the same

          1. re: jbrady3324

            I cannot official speak for Demeyere, but I am fairly confident that it will honor the warranty.

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              I tempted to take a "gamble" on a pan or two. In terms of look, feel, and handles, I think I rather the Industry 5 or Apollo line over the D5 line to start and then from there I would start collecting Atlantis pans over time

    2. Why Industry 5 over Atlantis? Is the fully clad pan preferred over the encapsulated base?

      The Atlantis line will likely be around for a very long time if that is important to you.

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      1. re: Sid Post

        Price is the main reason. If i went with industry, I would pick up 2 industry pans and an Atlantis pan to start

        1. re: Sid Post

          I love the 7 ply Atlantis fry pan-can't wait to get the saute pan. I threw out some "newer All Clad pans" the old All Clad (10 years ago or more ) were still good so I kept those.
          Personally, I would get the Atlantis or Professional 7 ply instead of something I didn't really want. Drawback with the 7 ply Demeyere is the weight.
          A lot of "prestige" labels have been coming out with cheaper sets to appeal to the "label conscious" consumer who is rather uninformed about relative quality.

            1. re: kaleokahu

              I would not start with the Industry 5 (Demeyere) with the intent of eventually getting the Atlantis 7 ply. I would just get the Atlantis. This was in response to July 24 July 23 posts.

              1. re: sharanne1

                I get it. You prefer Atlantis.

                What if Demeyere just placed a 2.5mm thickness of copper between two thin layers of SS? Maybe they could call it Albion...


                1. re: sharanne1

                  I ended up with the following:

                  Demeyere Atlantis Saucepan
                  Demeyere Apollo Saute Pan
                  Demeyere Industry5 saucier
                  Demeyere Industry5 fry pan

                  I have only used the Atlantis saucepan so far (extremely impressed with it!), but I have handled all of the pans. The handles on each of the lines are very comfortable and the pans have great weight and balance. The atlantis and apollo pans are surprisingly not as heavy as I remembered and thought they would be. The Industry5 pans are noticeably lighter.

                  So why did I mix and match across the 3 lines? I needed to stay within a budget and I for one do not like one line of pans hanging from my wall. Also, I wanted the lighter weight industry5 line for my girlfriend.

              2. re: sharanne1

                < I threw out some "newer All Clad pans" >

                You serious?

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  The one I have is headed to ebay when I get caught up on a household move. The copper core dutch oven looked really nice but, I just don't like the way it cooked. I see it funding a ~4~5 quart Staub oval dutch oven.

                  1. re: Sid Post

                    I think it is fine to sell it or to donate it, but "threw out" can mean literally went straight to the trash can. Of course, it may be an exaggeration.

                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      If you are really interested, I donated it to Am Vets with other stuff. One of the pans was warped, balance wasn't as good and quality wasn't as good as the older All Clad. I also like Viking 7 ply but my Demeyere pan is my fav. Still like my All Clad double boiler.. I have a 36 inch Viking professional series cooktop so the heavier pans are great for quickly reducing a sauce with the high BTU. I also like the new Scanpan nonstick for eggs.I agree with your earlier post that the All Clad of today is not the same as 10-15 years ago.

            2. Might be too late to reply, but I do have Industry5. Maybe not 7 layer like Atlantis line, but my needs are met at very very satisfactory level. First off, cleaning is a breeze as there is no rivet inside. I cook a lot acidic food (Tomato & wine base) with bunch of veggies in chunk. No worry about sticking melted bits around the rivet I have other pots and pans. Since I don't do stir fly or anything to cook in high heat, Industry5 does respond good enough for my needs. So quality is Demeyere quality for sure and Of Course much better than cheaper lines. I use it on induction top, and whole pan warm up quick enough. If you never have tried Demeyere product before, it's worth trying not too expensive like Atlantis, but you can feel the good quality in Industry5. In fact, I will be collecting Industry5 line little by little waiting for Su La Table to have sale on each piece! Give it a try, you will love it!

              1. I purchased the 10 piece Industry5 line at a Sur La Table store a few weeks ago. While at the store I considered the 7 ply Atlantis but cost and weight were the deciding factor. The Atlantis is really heavy and the Industry5 is already heavy enough. The extra cost really crossed my pain point on what I could justify to spend.

                I can't help you compare the DI5 with All Clad D5 from a cooking perspective because I have not cooked with the All Clad D5. But I can say I have held both the All Clad D5 and the DI5 in my hand and my personal preference was the Demeyere handles.

                Everything Demeyere states about the DI5 seems to be true. It heats very evenly all the way to the edges, does not warp, the handles stay cool, you can cook with less oil, the finish stays shinny (so far) and the DI5 come clean very easily. I absolutely love the fact that there are no rivets.

                I have found a soap dispensing palm brush with soft nylon bristles the best way to clean cooked on food. It does not mar the finish and makes it easy to use a circular motion which keeps with the overall finish of the pot. In most cases you don't need this brush and when you do it usually takes just a light five second scrub to get off any remaining stuck food. The DI5 sometimes gets some white calcium stains after washing but I follow Demeyer's recommendation which is to use a couple of tablespoons of vinegar to clean the cookware, then wash clean with soap and water. That gets rid of the stains completely.

                Overall I am extremely happy with my DI5 and my only hope is that this line becomes available at more place than just Sur La Table, and that they expand the line. At this time the line is fairly narrow in what you can add to the 10 piece set.

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                1. re: ChicagoChef


                  When you're looking for more pieces, don't overlook Zwilling Sensation, which appears to be identical in construction to the Industry line. Some pieces are priced the same, like the 2 quart conical sauté, but some are MUCH less, like the 9.5" Sensation skillet, which is $80 on Amazon, versus $140 for the Industry skillet at SLT.

                  1. re: DuffyH

                    Very interesting and thank you Duffy. I noticed that Zwilling is owned by the same parent company that owns Demeyere and the line does in fact look very similar. Your advice is much appreciated!

                    1. re: ChicagoChef

                      Sid Post suggested that the parent company, Zwilling, might be looking to bring out more lines under their own name, hence the hijacking of the Demeyere technology.

                      Also, if they wanted to make and sell more of that particular line, they needed to rebrand it, because SLT has an exclusive deal.

                      1. re: DuffyH

                        No doubt the two are the same. Zwilling owns Demeyere as well as Staub, MIYABI, and a number of other cookware companies. They dropped the Viking manufacture, probably to increase production of the Sensation line. I looked long and hard at the Industry 5 and Atlantis lines before buying the first Viking piece. Industry 5 didn't offer some pieces I wanted. Since the Viking isn't going to be available in the future, I'll probably add some I 5 or Sensation.