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Jul 23, 2012 03:09 PM

High Protein Food in Encinitas

So coming to town for a conference. We are meeting some friends in Encinitas for dinner the Saturday before the conference starts. We want to go somewhere yummy where we can talk and catch up, but, I am on Atkins. So can you recommend a good restaurant where I can get some good protein and nice green veggies without torturing my friends and my poor hubby who is sick to death of steak restaurants?
Many thanks!

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  1. Hmm a couple of places with options for you -
    Trattoria Trulli - italian place but you could get a meat option with vegetables
    Fish 101 - grilled fish with a green salad or veggies
    Solace - get the burger, no bun and ask if you can sub a salad or veggies as a side
    Qero - look at their menu online...I am sure there is a plate with meat and veggies. Great Peruvian food
    Station sushi - protein roll and sashimi

    1. Kaito - sashimi until you can't take anymore