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Jul 23, 2012 02:55 PM

Bay Area driving destinations (or within 1hr of region)

I have a car rental tonight and am in the mood for some fun with my girlfriend... I'm not looking for anything super fancy (no $$$$ michelin dining) and it doesn't necessarily have to be dinner either; an old bar or swanky dinner lounge, alpine style lodge to nurse cocktails somewhere in Marin County amongst the old redwoods, perhaps some historic coastal hotel perched on the bluffs where we could have dinner overlooking the sea or fireside and good strong drinks on the porch afterword? Would also be interested in any roadfood-worthy destinations with hopefully other sites of interest nearby. '60s style mini-putt and burger stand type of thing, or tiki related attraction. Basically anything FUN and interesting and not from the usual list of places around the Bay Area! Food is secondary to atmosphere. Bars and cocktail lounges are just as good! I'd like to stay within approx. 1hr of the city proper, unless it's really worth our time to venture further... We don't want to head out to Santa Cruz for instance. Any ideas?

Old bars or restaurants, road stands, seafood shacks, distilleries, historic sites... anywhere out of the ordinary where we can get something to chew on and preferably a strong mixed drink.

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  1. Nick's Cove on Tomales bay is a nice spot and great drive to get there. To the south, Half Moon Bay might fit the bill. Haven't eated there in awhile, so here is link to some restaurants.

    Barbara's Fish sounds good and Duarte's in Pescadero is an institution.

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      Heading north this time of day you'll hit rush hour traffic.

      1. I'd head down to Half Moon Bay for Pasta Moon or La Granada for Cafe Gibraltar.

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          Those all look like good restaurants... but there are plenty of good if not better Italian, etc. in SF.

          I'm looking for atmosphere and something different; not just restaurant recommendations outside of the city. Is there no place with history and ambiance to spare nearby? Again, an old fashioned cocktail bar is just as good as a restaurant. A burger stand by a mini-putt or drive-in would also be the kind of thing I'm after. Not just a place to sit and eat...

          Harley Farm in Pescadero would be the kind of suggestion I'm looking for, if they were offering one of their barn dinners tonight. Good cheap fun would be best though. An old speakeasy type of place or rat pack era steakhouse maybe. A roadstand that serves the most killer Mexican or whatever that's worth driving all the way out for. Not just good restaurants outside of San Francisco though please.

          Thanks for all the recs so far!

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              There's a taqueria in the only corner gas station in Pescadero. It's good by Bay Area and California standards...but it is inside a gas station.

          1. Thanks!

            Barbara's looks great and isn't too much of a haul, seems to only be approx. 30 mins outside of the city and would be nice to eat on the coast.

            Is Duarte's destination worthy? It looks great if you're hanging out in Pescadero, but what else is there to do besides eating? The restaurant looks neat but not enough that it'd be worth the drive without a fun bar or something to do afterword.

            I'd be eager to drive an hour in any direction of the city, but the destination should offer something other than just dinner... unless it offers an atmosphere that's interesting/unique enough to spend several (2-3) hours of the night nearby - think Harley Farms barn dinners. Is there anything to do in Pescadero on a Monday night to merit the drive?

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                Duarte's is not just a restaurant, it's also a 100-year-old bar that's the town hangout.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Check out the glowing recommendations for Duarte's including RL's "Some of the food is good."

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                    The food quality at Duarte's seems to have dropped off in the past couple of years. If the prices were on par, no biggie but prices have creeped up. I'd much rather go to the taco joint in the gas station.

              2. If you are in the mood for a hearty meal, you might want to try Le Chalet Basque (on North San Pedro Road in San Rafael). It is an old-school, family-style place that has been open for decades. The drinks are stiff and it also a nice patio if you would like to dine outside. The drive out North San Pedro Road that takes you thru China Camp and into the back side of San Rafael is very scenic.