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Jul 23, 2012 02:33 PM

Substituting Thai Red Chillies

I have a recipe for spicy apricot jam, and it calls for dried Thai red chilies. I've just moved to a new city and I can't find them anywhere. And admittedly I'm not that familiar with Thai chillies so I'm not very clear how to substitute them.

Ideally I would like to swap them out for crushed red pepper, since that's whats sitting around my house at the moment..

My question is could I use that as a substitute, and if not what should I get? And how much?

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  1. Yes, you can. Thai chili is much hotter, so factor that in.

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      Part of my problem is that it calls for 2 chili, chopped. I have no idea what the yield of 2 chilies are, so I'm not sure how much to start with when I'm trying to adjust.

    2. I would think about a teaspoon

      1. Dried Thai red chiles are hella hot. Maybe use a teaspoon of cayenne. Won't be as hot as the two Thai red chiles, but cayenne has a lot of flavor so you can't just pour it in leisurely.

        The "crushed red pepper" found in the supermarket spice aisle and pizza parlors isn't hot at all. You could use a whole jar and it still might not be as hot as two dried Thai red chiles. I wouldn't use that.

        Of course, you can buy pretty much anything, including Thai red chiles, on Amazon these days:

        1. I think Chile de arbol would also be a good substitute.

          1. If you are so inclined, access the online catalog of Pendrey's, a purveyor of condiments in Fort Worth, TX doing business out of Dallas. The catalog has a few pages of chile products. A possible substitute for the Thai chiles is the piquin.