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Need drink rec before heading to Sushi Azabu Sat night!

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Im taking my husband to Sushi Azubu for his birthday (first time celebrating as husband and wife) so want to make it a fun/romantic night!

Dinner isn't until 9:15pm so thought a drink before in the neighborhood would be great - so if anyone had any rec's that would be wonderfuly helpful!



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  1. Smith & Mills, Brandy Library, or Terroir Tribeca might suffice. Enjoy dinner!

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      Not sure how far you want to walk, The ones mentioned by Deepfry are all good , Brandy Library is a bit fancier than the other two. Terroir is more of a wine bar than a drink bar though. Not sure what atmosphere you want for a drink. Tribeca Grill is a nice place for a drink, Capsouto Frere's also both not far from Azabu.The bar tender at Greenwich Grill ( upstairs from Azabu , makes good cocktails)... The Ear Inn is not far away, nor is the Bubble Lounge or Cercle Rouge.You can even go for a drink at the Soho Grand Hotel, or the Thompson in Soho, it's only about 8 or 9 blocks.