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Jul 23, 2012 02:30 PM

Need drink rec before heading to Sushi Azabu Sat night!

Im taking my husband to Sushi Azubu for his birthday (first time celebrating as husband and wife) so want to make it a fun/romantic night!

Dinner isn't until 9:15pm so thought a drink before in the neighborhood would be great - so if anyone had any rec's that would be wonderfuly helpful!



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  1. Smith & Mills, Brandy Library, or Terroir Tribeca might suffice. Enjoy dinner!

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      Not sure how far you want to walk, The ones mentioned by Deepfry are all good , Brandy Library is a bit fancier than the other two. Terroir is more of a wine bar than a drink bar though. Not sure what atmosphere you want for a drink. Tribeca Grill is a nice place for a drink, Capsouto Frere's also both not far from Azabu.The bar tender at Greenwich Grill ( upstairs from Azabu , makes good cocktails)... The Ear Inn is not far away, nor is the Bubble Lounge or Cercle Rouge.You can even go for a drink at the Soho Grand Hotel, or the Thompson in Soho, it's only about 8 or 9 blocks.