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Jul 23, 2012 02:04 PM

Paris with chowpups -Days 2 and 3

We stayed up way too late last night for me to post, so I'll catch up now.

Day 2 began with a marathon sleep - we didn't wake up until noon. So breakfast turned into brunch in the flat (thanks to Laurent Dubois) and we set out for the last stage of the Tour de France. Two hours of boredom punctuated by ten seconds of excitement, to quote one pup. Dinner was at Les Bonnes Soeurs in the Marais, just off the Place de Vosges. Easy, casual, fun. Nothing adventurous but everyone was happy. Steaks, scallops, and a duck parmentier to die for. Dessert was creme brulee and raspberry sorbet. Bill was 130 E. A lovely jaunt through the park capped off a very enjoyable evening.

Day 3 saw us attempting to finish off the overload of cheese in the fridge (oops) for breakfast. I can think of worse starts to the day. One look at the line at the Eiffel Tower had us heading to the Louvre for more (gulp) lines. So all that waiting in line and getting lost in the museum left us no time for lunch. A quick swing by the Cluny and we were more than ready for Dans Les Landes!

As usual, we were one of the first groups seated and scored an outside four top. The tortilla with potatoes came out first and everyone was grinning. Picky pup was fending us all off with her fork. Next came the fried polenta with smoked duck breast. Then the beef nuggets with Vietnamese seasonings. All devoured. I wasn't ready to stop so I ordered the calamari and the dried magret de canard with pine nuts. The calamari was a little spicy for picky pup but she ate it all the same. The duck wasn't as big a hit but again, nothing was left but the quack. We briefly felt guilty about not having our veggies, but collectively agreed to get over it.

Dessert was the poached apricots and the madeleines with chocolate mousse. Both very nice, but both dishes I could make at home. All totaled, the bill came to under 100 E with a pitcher of Cote du Rhone and a liqueur afterwards. What a send-off for a fantastic three days.

Tomorrow morning has us tucking into yet more cheese for breakfast and heading back to the Eiffel tower before the crowds wake. Then off to London for the madness that is the Olympics. I can't thank everyone on this board enough for all your advice. I am a food goddess now in my pups' eyes and we have the golden hued memories to prove it.

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  1. Amen.
    Thank you again for your detailed informative reports.

    1. I just returned from Paris. The best way to beat the line at the Eiffel Tower is to get there as it opens at 9:00 and walk up the 777 steps to the second level, from there you can take the elevator to top. When we went the lines for the elevators were at least 2:00 hours but in less than 30 minutes we were standing on the very top.

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        Best way to beat the line is to have lunch at the Jules Verne: Private lift, no queue... You pay for the meal (very good but expensive), but no need to buy a ticket either.

        1. re: hamcolvard

          That is exactly what we did this morning, hamcolvard. And worked off enough calories for a week!

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            To stay on topic (that is food) I'd suggest the radical step of not going to the Eiffel Tower and the Jules Verne but to to really see Paris and the Ministry gardens, go to the Tour Montparnasse and the 56th floor Ciel de Paris which is as the old joke goes the only place you cannot see that ugly bldg from and and a not bad a meal.

          2. The queues in London will be even longer so waiting to get up the Eiffel Tower will be good practice.

            And hey, no guilt, ok? Polenta is a sort of veggie. And maybe pine nuts too ! I'd consider your dietary obligations fulfilled. wink wink

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            1. re: Parnassien

              Apricots and chocolate...No need to wink.

            2. I'm glad that you made it to Dans Les Landes and that the pups (and parents) enjoyed it. I know that my now grown pups would love it...hopefully we can take them along one of these days. Thanks for reporting back...

              1. By the way, I must protest on behalf of picky pup, who does not sound picky at all !

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                1. re: Parigi

                  Well, Parigi, it's really only in comparison to the rest of us. Picky pup won't eat raw tomatoes, cooked carrots, any summer squash, anything she deems "squishy",
                  or fish of any kind. At Les Bonnes Soeurs she had a burger. :-/. Older pup is much more of an omnivore. But I have to say she did her hound parents proud at DLL.