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Jul 23, 2012 02:01 PM

Best Burger in MetroWest

Sorry if this is a repeat! Looking for best burgers and fries (not frozen) in Metro West area, may include Newton/Wellesley. Can be upscale or casual, but not looking for diner-type. Doesnt have to serve all burgers, could be an all enclusive menu. Already been to Charley's and The Cottage. Enjoy those, but always looking for new places.


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  1. While not a full answer, check out this CH'rs blog, it's a great resource for burger questions (I think he goes by Rchudey on this site) and I consider it the definitive lexicon of Boston area burgers

    1. As a MetroWest resident, I am sad to report that there is a dearth of good burgers in the area. One of the better ones is the burger from Sel de la Terre in the Natick Collection. But as far as a solid go to place to grab a good draft beer and above average burger while catching the game on tv, pickings are slim. They do a decent burger at Lee's Burger Place in Newton Centre (don't miss their special sauce) but their fries are nothing special and definitely frozen. Other places to check out include The Local on Route 16 and The Biltmore on Chestnut Street. Lastly, you can do worse than the burger at Joe's in Shopper's World.

      1. I'll give my vote to Stone's Public House, with huge props for their fries.

        1. The more often I eat it, the more I like it...the burger at 80 Thoreau is thoroughly nummy, Tasty meat, Tasty bun, Tasty fries. Tasty condiments. And, oh! A full bar...with a bartender who can make a sunny, hot, brilliant day melt away with a properly prepared Pimms Cup. Whatelsecouldyouaskfor?

          1. I'm a fan of the burger at the bar at Lincoln 51.