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Jul 23, 2012 01:54 PM

German going to NY End of August

I will be traveling to NY for 6 days at the end of August. So far I have the following places planned- but not reserved:

-Craft (dinner)
-EMP (lunch)
-Minetta Tavern (lunch)
-Gramercy Tavern (lunch)
-Steakhouse (Keens/BLT Prime- Luger is not feasible)
-Breslin (Breakfast/Brunch)
-Bar room at the Modern
-Babbo (walk in dinner)
-Bar Americain (dinner)

Any input/critic/additional ideas are appreciated. I´ll be traveling solo and generally prefer more classic cooking.

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  1. I don't think Bar Americain is worth a slot.

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    1. re: Sneakeater

      Also, DEFINITELY Keens over BLT Prime.

    2. Excellent list! Go to Keen's over BLT Prime. I also really like Bouley and Jean Georges if you need any fall backs.

      1. Craft is more fun with at least one other person, unless you're planning on the tasting menu.

        You don't have a lot of Asian restaurants on your list, nor the kind of casual, classic NY foods like bagels & smoked salmon, pizza, etc. Or quintessentially American foods, like BBQ, burgers, Southern, New England seafood.

        Bar Room at the Modern gets pretty busy especially on weekends for lunch, BTW.

        1. Thanks for the input, so far. I was planning on places like Katz´s, Shake Shack and Russ&Daughters and Pizza for spontaneous lunches, so I got that covered. I´m not a huge fan of most asian cooking, but thanks a lot for the input.

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          1. re: germanchris

            For new American cooking, I would consider The Dutch or Marc Forgione instead of Bar Americain. Otherwise your list looks good.

            1. re: germanchris

              I'd also consider Hill Country, Pearl Oyster Bar (lunch Mon-Fri), or Pies 'n' Thighs (in Brooklyn) for some lunches.

            2. Hi,

              I would recommend both Craft (outstanding on all counts - food, service, etc.) and Gramercy Tavern (superb - Danny Meyer never disappoints).

              I've been to Craft for lunch and dinner, but must say it's better at dinner. Gramercy Tavern works for both meals as well.

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              1. re: singhjagpreet01

                Craft does not serve lunch as far as I know--only dinner.

                1. re: singhjagpreet01

                  Craft served lunch very briefly (in 2007? 2008?) but stopped soon after.