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Jul 23, 2012 01:31 PM

New Orleans Wedding

I'm in the beginning stages of planning a wedding in New Orleans and could use a little advice. We'd like a courtyard setting that's able to fit up to 150 people preferably at a hotel in or near the French Quater.

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  1. Muriel's would be a nice choice. All the big hotels like the RC, Roosevelt, Royal Orleans, Windsor Court and Royal Sonesta offer wedding facilities. Here's a link to NOLA weddings.


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      Thanks for your help! The Website is great!

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        We tried mightily to do an event at the Roosevelt, and they were impossible to deal with.

        Windsor Court Hotel stepped up, and did all that we could have asked for.

        Though I had a suite at the Roosevelt, that could handle 50, the "event staff" there had no clue on my suite, or even cared about helping us. Never again.


      2. Going back a bit, Broussard's handled a courtyard event for our 250 attendees, and then did a lovely dinner, with a full AV compliment, for that dinner. Might be worth a call?"

        Good luck,


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          Heading to NOLA this weekend and I plan on visiting every place you recommended. Thank you so much!

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            Add Galvez to your list of potentials sites to visit. Neice had her wedding there last October. Only restaurant with a view of the river and in the French Quarter. Food was delicious and there is an outside area, but no problem if it rains.


        2. Not a courtyard, but an inside location that will avoid weather problems. My daughter got married at the Riverview room at the Jax Brewery. Overlooks the GNO bridge and Mississippi on one side and the Quarter from the balcony. Great food at reasonable cost per person including full bar. We had about 150 guests. It was a July wedding, so we did not want to be outdoors. Had the ceremony there followed by a fantastic party.

          1. My SIL got married in NO at Cafe Amelie in the French Quarter in March & it was one of the nicest weddings I've ever attended. It rained all week, but miraculously cleared up for the 6 pm courtyard ceremony. Food was delicious, drinks were flowing, there was a tiny space for dancing, really a beautiful wedding...I think she invited about 125, don't know actual attendance numbers.

            1. Pat O's On The River is a great location for wedding receptions. It's near Jackson Square, overlooks the river, and has a true New Orleans atmosphere. Check out the website here: