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Jul 23, 2012 01:15 PM

Cobbler/Crisp combination recipe...

I'm looking for an apparently elusive combination recipe. My favorite type of "cobbler" topping is more substantial or "cakey" than just a fruit crisp, but has to include the delicious buttery, cinnamony crumble on top. The biscuit type cobblers that dont have this crumble are always disappointing, but then so are the "Crisps" that just have a little brownsugar/butter on top too. Any suggestions for a combination recipe? I usually make them with berries or peaches.


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  1. I dislike biscuit cobblers too, but I know what you mean about wanting something more than just a streusel topping. I wonder if you could use a coffee cake type batter in dollops as you would a biscuit batter, and then top with streusel - it seems to me that might work well.

    There's also something like this - I wouldn't want to use a mix, but the idea might be sound...,1737,...

    1. I have used the following recipe but double the topping. It is really good.

      And I use the combination of summer fruits that I like.

      1. I suggest you make an upside down cake over fruits. Found this recipe for you:

        And you could top the cake with a cinnamon streusel mixture.

        1. I made a great cobbler this weekend and I think if you put sugar and cinnamon on top of the biscuits it could work. My recipe stayed firm with the biscuits never dissolving into the fruit like many do. Other than that I would look for a are the differences.

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              Thanks everyone! I will definitely be trying a few of these. I forgot to mention one caveat - I don't really like the addition of oats into the crumble mixture. Any additional ideas would be very welcome!