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Jul 23, 2012 12:20 PM

Old Fashioned

What does a man need to do around here to get a good old fashioned? Any recommendations? I know the guys at Sra. Martinez know what they are doing, but I usually end up taking their recommendations on something.

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  1. Try the Dutch in the W Hotel. The bartenders there seem to know what they're doing. I have had a great Old Fashioned there on several different occasions from at least two different bartenders.

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    1. re: BigBonesBradley

      I appreciate that... anything in downtown / midtown? I went to the Corner but other than the drinks on the Menu, they didn't know what was going on.

    2. I have the same problem ordering a Manhattan. Those few bartenders who know what to mix don't know the proper proportions for a proper drink.

      1. I guess this thread needs to turn into a "where to get a good speakeasy cocktail"... I am all ears guys. It's almost sad to say Miami hasn't caught on to this yet. Let the hunt begin!

        1. Bourbon Steak made a pretty good one last time I was there with Maker's Mark.

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          1. re: madtheswine

            Bourbon Steak in general makes good cocktails and will probably make a good Old Fashioned. The Manhattan is nice, although I'm not sure how I feel about the little extra maraschino juice they throw in. Rather get a dash of the liqueur instead.

            1. re: Icantread

              I agree on the manhattan. Was going to mention it, but didn't want to jump off-topic. Now that it is mentioned, I agree that their manhattan wasn't balanced. I know a Manhattan is normally rye, and I asked for a bourbon, so I'm not sure if that's why it came out a touch too sweet. Perhaps it was the maraschino juice. Did you order it with bourbon or rye?

          2. For me, there's only one way to make it - sugar cube (or 1/2oz simple syrup), bitters, rye, large ice cube, orange peel twisted rimmed and tossed in. That said, places to get a good Old Fashioned:

            The Dutch
            Bourbon Steak
            The Corner (Alejandra made mine and it was spot on)
            Michael's Genuine

            The Bulliet Proof Manhattan at Michael's Genuine is also a fantastic drink, as is the Sonny Rollins which is awesome for day drinking at brunch.

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              1. re: Blind Mind

                I'll probably catch some flack for this, but I use agave syrup when I make an old-fashioned at home. I can't seem to get rid of the grittiness in a sugar cube. I've tried stirring before adding ice, but that doesn't get rid of all of it. I'll also use simple syrup in a pinch.
                Will try the old fashioned when I go to the Dutch.

                1. re: madtheswine

                  So... all this talk about old fashioned made me thirsty. Last night after work here was my first attempt.

                  -Suger Cube
                  -Big cube ice
                  -Buffalo Trace Bourbon
                  -Orange peel

                  Result was pretty damn good, wasn't that hard after all to find a good Old Fashioned. :)

                  1. re: leetmode

                    you nailed it, dude!

                    As Frod said, The BTS is a great stop for a proper Old Fashioned. We use Angostura Orange bitters and dont do the sugar cube on the napkin because it really doesnt make much a difference. We say the combo of orange with most ryes really works in an OF. At the end of the day, it's really how YOU like a drink that makes it a good one. Keep experimenting!

                    @ madtheswine - getting the sugar cube to dissolve is not something that happens without a good amount of elbow grease. You gotta have a good muddler to make the magic happen. I recommend the Kegworks Cocktail Muddler found here - I also recommend adding a dash (seriously, very little amount!!) of water to the cube/bitters mix which will help the dissolving process. Work it for a bit and that sugar will be gone.

                    1. re: Blind Mind

                      good muddler. Always make sure those wooden muddlers aren't the shiny, varnished variety

                      1. re: Icantread

                        Exactly why I recommended this one.