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Jul 23, 2012 11:44 AM

Girl's Weekend Beverly Hills - Limited Mobility

We're headed to Beverly Hills for a long weekend (3 nights) of respite. Mid-30's, looking to lounge by the pool and just catch up. Also enjoy a few meals together. One gal will be on crutches or possibly in a wheel chair, so we want to be able to cab to where ever we go (and nothing buried deep in a shopping complex), but don't want to drive 30 minutes to grab a meal either. Emphasis of quality food (locally sourced is always preferred) and relaxed atmosphere (not places to see and be seen) that is not too noisy. We are staying at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons (LA, not Wilshire).

Can you provide suggestions for:
-Lunch - Outdoor seating (we're coming from Colorado and Seattle, so some sunny but not scorching LA weather sounds great).
-Lunch - casual taco truck or something similar. Serious shortage of good Mexican food in Seattle. Not tex-mex.
-Brunch - Farm to table and with housemade baked goods, vs. "Mother's Day brunch" formal.
-Dinners - Prefer a place that doesn't require reservations...if we're really enjoying the pool, don't want to have to scurry about to get ready to make a reservation. Casual--no vampy heels will be packed.

If these recommendations can be within the W. Hollywood/Beverly Hills area more or less, that'd be great. If they can't and we have to travel, then travel we will!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nice patios and good food at both Bouchon and Scarpetta....both in Beverly Hills.

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      Neither is casual, last minute or wo reservation. Both a bit stuffy.

      1. re: Thor123

        Bouchon has a more casual restaurant downstairs with a patio. Scarpetta also has a patio, and during the day it is a somewhat casual setting. And I don't think you'd necessarily need a reservation during the day at lunch. I'm just sayin'.......

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          Never needed a reservation for Scarpetta for lunch. All that was need for dinner was a call the same day (weekends included).

    2. Lunch outdoors Barney Greengrass or Ivy
      Dinner Eveleigh

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        Really, Thor123 - Everliegh for dinner?
        Seems to me that Everleigh is just about everything the OP does not want -- noisy, see-and-be-seen, needs reservations, neither casual nor relaxed.

      2. Petrossian might be a good fit for some of your needs.

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          Especially lunch at Petrossian. You can dine al fresco. Enjoy their incredible caviar butter lettuce salad.

        2. Mexican Lunch - take a look at Frida's in Beverly Hills or Pinche's Tacos on Sunset in WeHo; Monte Alban if you want to travel a little further to WLA for Oaxacan.

          1. Restaurants are required to be wheelchair accessible so anything remodeled in the 20+ won't be an issue. Bathrooms too.

            Clementine on Ensley. Great baked goods and brunch/lunch. Outdoor seating. Can be crowded but you can scan the menu online first so that your friend doesn't have to brave the crowds.

            Momed on Beverly Drive would be a good choice for dinner. Excellent modern med and doubt you'd need a reservation. The food is very good. Pretty sure they have beer and wine.

            If you just want pastries Bouchon has a good bakery to go. And the outdoor seating patio is good too.

            Very near you is a Suzanne Goin (Lucques) cafe called Maple Drive. It is in an office building but the food is quite good. Check weekend hours.

            Frida or Pinches are the only Mexican options I can think of that are cab-able. Friday is supposed to be good but I've never gone. Pinches isn't worth the cab fare. The Original Farmer's Market + Grove mall is straight down Third street so it wouldn't be a terrible cab or bus fare. THere is a Loteria there.

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              Momed has great food. Taxi is the best way to go since parking around there can be tough. They do have a small but good selection of beers, and they do carry wine as well - didn't look into those...