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Jul 23, 2012 11:41 AM

Hershey: places near Hershey Lodge

I will be going to a 5 day quilt show in Hershey this week, and will be staying at Hershey Lodge. Are there any places close by that have good food but not touristy prices? I really don't want to be tied to resort food choices for the duration. Any food genre except sushi is fine, and I am looking mostly for dinners. Even a good pizzaria is ok.

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  1. Sorrento's is just down the street from the Hershey Lodge and worth a visit. (http://www.piazzasorrento.com/) I'd also recommend the Hershey Pantry, though it may be crowded, on Rt. 422.

    If you continue down Rt. 322, you'll hit the Campbelltown Cafe. It's a fun little place, lots of antiques on display, with tasty and reasonably priced food. (http://www.cafecampbelltown.com/Site_...


    The Warwick in Hummelstown, quite close to where you're at, has very good food. (http://www.thewarwickhotel.com/menu.php)

    If you head down Rt. 422 past Palmyra, you'll hit Annville, and the Batdorf Restaurant there is a favorite of mine. The fish tacos are outstanding, as is their chili. (http://www.batdorfrestaurant.com/) There's also the Allen Theatre a couple of blocks away, with their outstanding cafe MJ's Coffeehouse. Soups and sandwiches are delicious, as are their baked goods. The cake...wow.

    1. Speaking as a Hereshey native here. There's a place that's literally right next to the Lodge called Your Place. It has the best stromboli I've ever tasted. It's basically a sports bar and not a place you go to for the atmosphere or service (we always order takeout), but the stromboli is amazing.

      Within a 7 min. of the Lodge, there's a great place called The Pantry. Their breakfasts are what stand out. If you miss their breakfasts stick to a summer salad on the porch.

      For ice cream, go to Mazzoli's. It's a 3-5 min. drive from the Lodge (on the same road) and it serves homemade ice cream. The standouts are two Italian ones called Spumoni and Tortoni. The Tortonis are prepared cups of almond-coconut ice cream topped with italian cookie crumble and are very, very good. We served them with the cake at our wedding.

      For good chinese, there's Marco Polo. They deliver and they're also close to the Lodge. My wife insists that it's as good as or better than her favorite NY place.

      Good luck!

      1. Many thanks to all for your suggestions. To be perfectly honest, we were so wiped out from our classes during the day that we never made it out of the Lodge. I will note your suggestions, however, and work them into out plans for next year's Quilt Odyssey! The Pantry sounds like a winner, as does Your Place and Marco Polo.

        1. I'm resurrecting this thread because we're staying at the Hershey Lodge for a long weekend in April and I'm not impressed with the resort menus. The posts below are very helpful - does anyone have any other suggestions?


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            When you say you are "not impressed" with the resort menus are you referring to the Lodge? While specific menus for Hotel Hershey restaurants are not on line they do offer diverse and interesting choices for dinning. The Circular dinning room is close until April however Harvest, Trevi 5, the Beanery and the Iberian Lounge have excellent food quite a bit above average and at reasonable prices for a 4Star resort hotel of their stature.

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              Definitely check out "What If" of Hershey. Great food .Its on 422. Devon is also very good.

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                Devon is good, Houlihans has a few things That are decent. Harrisburg is 20 mins away with great options-lots of info on those if you search the boards.

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                  I have relatives in Hershey and What If is a consistant favorite. My relatives also frequent Devon weekly but for whatever reason, it is sort of mess each time Mr. CB and I go (about once every three months) off service, poor food (spoiled lettuce, overcooked items) which is a shame because we had good meals at the Philly location.

                  We like going for drinks and light dishes at the Hotel bar, Iberian Lounge. The pizza, while pricey, is quite good and we also like their antipasto plate. The hotel is quite stunning and worth a visit.

                  Harvest "should" be good. Each time we say were going, I look at the menu and think "looks like what I make at home" so we skip it. If we were frequent visitors, we would try it.

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                    Interestingly, I have heard the same regarding the Hershey Devon location and yes it is too bad especially for the customers who pay the price in $$ , time and lost opportunity to have a good meal elsewhere. I am in agreement with your observations on the Hotel Hershey. We have enjoyed Harvest and yes it does have a more "pedestrian" menu, but in a lovely venue with friendly service and good execution. Hershey Hotel is indeed "stunning and worth a visit" and also worth the few more bucks it requires to enjoy: One of the jewels in the crown that Hershey built.

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                      We will give Harvest a try next time. I am curious to see the revamped Circular.

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                        We have also had some off nights at Devon. It depends. When it has been good we have very much enjoyed it.

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                    I guess I meant "not that excited about" rather than "not impressed with" re. the menus at the resort restaurants. I appreciate the additional suggestions.

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