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Jul 23, 2012 10:36 AM

Any restaurants/places to eat that are soy-free? Does this even exist?

Good morning well I am avoiding soy because of the phytoestrogens and the fact that we don't know if they are good or bad for us! The ancient Chinese knew not to eat them unless fermented which I think lays it out pretty clearly :)

Is there such a thing as an eatery that is soy-free and advertises as such? This would be for the Los Angeles all the way out to Oxnard/Ventura area! Thank you very much have a good morning :)

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  1. I would try Hugo's Restaurant. There is one in WeHO and another in the Valley? They are not "Soy free" but they have a very detailed allergen chart that they will provide you or you can find on their website which includes soy.

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