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Anyone been? I've been meaning to check it out and saw an article on eater-miami, but some of the sources they used were sketchy.

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  1. I have only been once (1st week it was open)and I plan on going back before I pass final judgement. Based on my 1 visit It is my least favorite of the 4 pubbelly restaurants. The food wasn't bad, but really nothing special. Most everything on the menu is pretty heavy and I think they could benefit by adding a few more dishes.

    1. cardiologist approved portions at lincoln road prices at an alton road setting.An unusually creative eggplant parm was the highlight.Needed 2 entrees afterward to feel full.Eat before you get there and you'll enjoy it.Good food but not good value.

      1. Their polenta, stromboli and pastas are great. Their porkchop might be the best in town. It is superb and is the best thing they got.

        BTW to maximize value, get the chef's choice of cheeses and meats and a pork chop. I agree with the sentiment that the pastas are small for the price. But they are great.

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          If the stromboli is anything like the one at Scarpetta, I'm sure it'll rock. May go this w/e. Thank you all for the info.