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Jul 23, 2012 10:15 AM

Seafood + Orioles - Recommend me something!

I'll be heading to an Orioles game in a couple of weeks, and will be looking for a place to grab a bite before the game. I'm looking for classic and not-so-classic takes on Maryland seafood (with beer, so no Faidleys) within walking distance (20 minutes) of Oriole Park.

What do you chowhounders recommend?

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      1. re: Hue

        I'll third Mama's -- it fits your restaurant criteria to a T. But assuming you're serious about walking distance, Faidley's does serve beer. Other than that Ryleigh's Oyster Bar in Federal Hill serves excellent oysters, but otherwise it's not really seafood oriented.

    1. In that case, your best options would be in Federal Hill. Someone already suggested Ryleigh's, so you might also want to just get a 32 oz. beer and some half shells at Cross Street Market.

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      1. re: Dithyramb

        I would also recommend Ryleigh's Oyster Bar and Cross Street Market. Mama's might be a bit too far.

        1. re: jfish

          Thanks, guys! Much appreciated!

          1. re: jfish

            Absolutely hit up Nick's in Cross St. Market ....any type of seafood you desire and cheap beer. I take all out of town guests there and they LOVE it! And it is a 10-15 minute walk to game from there.

            1. re: jck

              I gave up on Nick's a long time ago when they served me an oyster sandwich that had three small fried oysters on it for $10. I haven't really loved the place since the Cross Street remodel several years ago.

              Ryleigh's does a happy hour that features $1 oysters every weekday, plus they have a larger selection.

              As I mentioned above, Faidley's does have beer, is also about a 10 minute walk to Camden Yards, and has more atmosphere. I'd take it over Nick's any day.

              1. re: JonParker

                I agree with Jon about Nicks, overpriced not so good seafood anymore, I'd go for beer and oysters and thats about it, they steam their shrimp in advance now - ick.