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Jul 23, 2012 09:54 AM

Breakfast and dinner assistance, please

Good morning, all. Looking forward to my first visit to SD in decades (yup, plural). Coming from Chicago and looking forward to finding things I can't find here, things well off the beaten track. I'll be in SD for five nights (a Tues through Sat, solo the first three and with my wife the last two) and am looking for recs for a couple things. I'll be staying at the Courtyard Marriott on Broadway and 6th (I think); won't have a car but don't mind a long walk or even longish cab rides. I've done my research for the standard "nice" nights out and right now am looking at Cafe Chloe and Kitchen 1540 (and maybe Kaito) for the great meals. My requests are: 1. Someplace open early (6:30-7 ish) for breakfast. Looking for homey, really good b'fast to start my day. Can be American, Mexican, or something completely different. The only real restrictions, I guess, will be that I need to get there, have a relaxed breakfast, and back to the hotel by 8:30 am. If I need a cab, I'll get a cab. I just can't wrap my head around the notion of eating at the hotel when I'm already stuck there all day for the conference. 2. Dinner: something unusual, very off the beaten track (well, no balut, but otherwise I'm fairly open). Chicago's a great food town and we've taken advantage of a lot of what it has to offer, but it's not the be-all and end-all. And I'd really enjoy something that's either uniquely SD or maybe not unique to SD but is really well done, whatever it is. 3. As to the nice nights out, if you have a truly outstanding place to recommend for a dinner, by all means. Price/location/cuisine are all fairly open, though I don't particularly want to spend more than, say, 30-40 minutes in a cab. I know I haven't given you a lot of guidelines but scanning lots of threads leaves me a little uncertain of the best direction to go. So: I'm not particularly looking for anything in particular but am open to most anything if there's something really special about it. Can I answer any questions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. 1) Cafe 222 is within 10 minutes of your hotel and has good breakfast

    2) Two possibilities (both require taking a cab): El Take It Easy - Unique place in North Park with mexican inspired (but not only) food and good unusual cocktails, local beers. From the same owner close by is Linkery. Since San Diego has some of the best produce you will find in the US it might be worth looking for a restaurant which focuses on it. Linkery started 7-8 years ago the local food movement in San Diego and pretty much every ingredient can be tracked down to where is originated. They make good use of the great ingredients. Nothing fancy but very truely market driven.

    3. Both of your choice are very good, You might also consider Georges (downstairs) instead of Kitchen 1540.

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      If you have some time, you can take the #2 bus from downtown to The Linkery or El Take It Easy (and back as well but not as nice a ride after a good meal).

      Have had some great dishes at both but and have had fewer misses at El Take It Easy but have been to The Linkery many more times. Linkery tends to have a better beer selection but El Take It Easy has a better cocktail selection. You can check the menu online for both, but it is usually not accurate due to the restaurants being so intensely market-driven.

    2. Snooze in Hillcrest opens early for breakfast - . I think you could cab it there and back by 8:30 am.

      Lion Share does some interesting cocktails -

      Cabs tend to be a little on the spendy side in SD, you might want to consider using the Blue Line trolley, which will get you to LIttle Italy, Washington St. and Old Town pretty easily.

      1. The Mission at 1250 J Street has a good breakfast. Salad Style at 900 F Street has excellent salads and flatbreads for the lunch hour. If you like Mediterranean food I would highly recommend Cafe Istanbul at 6th and E which is close to your hotel.