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Jul 23, 2012 09:46 AM

Kosher food in Niagara Falls

Hi. I am thinking about going to Niagara Falls ( Canada side) later this summer. What are the options for kosher food? Thanks a lot in advance.

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  1. Chabad gives certification in that area and it's approved by most other agencies. Their website is

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      I was at Niagara falls two years ago.
      There was a kosher pizza place operating out of a closed Chinese restaurant. While it was very expensive they served a very good falafel sandwich and their pizza was decent. There were also freshly made pastries sold there. Everything was served on paper plates but the food was fresh and tasty.

      There was a fleishig buffet which appeared to have been cooked off site and was brought to a Hotel meeting room. The quality of the food was disappointing and appeared to have been reheated. I believe the cost of the buffet was $25 but I would advise against this option.

      You can also purchase kosher hot dogs by the falls themselves which are also pricey but decent.

      I don't recall there being any other kosher options.

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        Does anyone know if they are still operating? I tried to send them an email. Their server did not work. The email never went through. Thanks

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            I just returned from Niagara Falls, Canada and here is the latest update
            There are only 3kosher options in Niagara Falls, both only open in the summer and only Sunday to Thursday... If you are hungry on a Friday, you are out of luck.

            There was a kosher hot dog stand near the Maid of the Mist area.

            Niagara Kosher Pizza is very good as are the pastries baked there. Do not come here for ambiance. It is located at the back of a building that looks like it lost all its tenants and it is not a clean place. We could not call ahead for a takeout pizza because their phone was broken.

            Mendy's restaurant is located in a conference room in the basement of the Four Points Sheraton. They do not prepare food here. It is brought in and reheated. There is a limited menu and sometimes not everything is available on it. There is no table service, you order at the desk. The chicken shnitzel and grilled chicken were tasty. The night we came the man at the desk was alone and was taking orders and serving we had to wait while he took everyone's order at the desk and then wait to get our food.

        1. does anyone have any updated info for this year?

          It seems that there is a new fleishig place called Fresh Bar Niagara. has anyone eaten there?

          how about the pizza place?

          any updates will be greatly appreciated.