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Jul 23, 2012 09:41 AM

Need your tomatillo recipes!

My DH planted a tomatillo plant...and it's got TONS of upcoming fruits!
I have a basic salsa recipe, but what else can I make with them?

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    1. Roast them in the oven with onions, garlic and green chiles (any kind will work) until everything smells caramelized and wonderful. Blend until smooth with some stock and a bit of cilantro (if you like it). Add some cumin, Mexican oregano, salt, pepper to taste. Use this as a green enchilada sauce, or water it down a bit more and use it as a delicious braising liquid for some pork or chicken and serve with rice, beans and tortillas on the side. Also great as the sauce for braised ribs.

      Edit: I also once had an amazing dish at a restaurant that involved a piece of tilapia in a lemony, buttery tomatillo sauce. I swore there were artichokes in it, but the waitress insisted there weren't. Nevertheless, it would be great with artichokes.

      1. Just to get you started:
        Pozole Verde
        Mole Verde
        Costillos de Res, Pollo, Chiccaron or Porco en Salsa Verde
        Enchiladas or Chilaquiles verdes
        Salsa de Tomatillo Verde y Chile de Arbol
        Pollo or Pato en Salsa Pipian
        Tomatillo soup with Crema Fresca
        Tarteleta de Tomatillo or pie
        Tomatillo jam (with or with out chilis)

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          Take a look at Patti Jinnich's website. I used a lot of her recipes last summer when I had a great tomatillo crop.

          I really like her tomatillo jam with lime and one of her (surprisingly fast and easy to make) moles with tomatillos.

          1. re: shallots

            Her recipes look delicious. Thanks for the link!

            1. re: shallots

              I've made the watermelon and tomatillo salad. It's great!

            2. re: chefj

              Braised ribs or pork chops in salsa verde is exactly what I would have recommended. Braising pork in a green salsa seasoned with epazote and topped with cooked purslane would also be very seasonal.

            3. You could always can or freeze the salsa for later if you make an extra big batch.