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Jul 23, 2012 09:10 AM

Any good outdoor/ waterfront dining in Quincy/Milton or South?

Would love to find some good dining spots--lunch or dinner in quincy or south shore. Preferably on the water with outdoor seating? Would especially love to find a place for lobster/ steamers!

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  1. Keep in mind, this is NOT fine dining. However, it's not easy to screw up a boiled lobster, and this place does actually have a very nice baked stuffed lobster as well.

    Inn at Bay Pointe in Quincy Point. It is a pleasant place, with reasonably decent food, and a wonderful back deck overlooking the marina next door. It's a lovely spot right on the water.

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      I've been told the inn at bay point is very good. On those suggestions I am involved in planning a large corporate dinner there in august. I'll report back on the outcome.

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        They have a nice private room with it's own bar and water views. We had our office holiday party there this past year with 40+ people. Not a single complaint which is quite unusual for this crowd.

    2. Marina Bay used to have seafood place that was ok; Captain Fish Tales or something like that. Not high end, but I'm sure they could do steamers and lobsters.

      I haven't been there in a while but Siro's used to be OK..not sure what else is in Marina Bay.

      Also heard good thing sabout Inn at Bay Pointe but haven't been.

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        That would be Captain Fishbones. It's okay for Keno, drinks and apps. A better option IMHO is Port 305. It's the same owners as Siros and the menu is varied. Great fried clams, lobster sliders, steamers, lobster mac & cheese, steak tips etc. Even if you dine inside at the bar, the windows are open to the outside and you have a nice view of the marina and Boston skyline. I also like Inn at Bay Pointe for the location. The food is somewhat average, but they do a good job with fried seafood and a decent baked stuffed lobster.

      2. Alma Nova in Hingham has an outside seating area and a nice view of the marina. Only been there once, but the food was very good.

        1. 88 Wharf in Milton has an exquisite patio overlooking the river. I know, not the ocean, but the food is good and the settng lovely.

          Sadly,a LOT of our waterfront dining is resting on the laurels of their location, not their food. hene this rec, as the food is worthy.

          1. My favorites for that are the Inn at Bay Pointe in Quincy, Jake's in Hull, Tony's in Quincy, and 88 Wharf in Milton. All have water views, though 88 Wharf is on a river, not the ocean.