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Jul 23, 2012 08:31 AM

My Geography Stinks. Is Cincinnati in this Great Lakes Area? If so......

any word on the steakhouse "The Precient"? We are going to visit daughter, who is now living in Cincinnati and want to take her out for a great meal--Looking for a steak place that'll cook a steak RARE:)
Thank you so much. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I am not on the wrong board.

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  1. You're on the right board. The Precinct will cook a steak rare, though getting one "Pittsburgh" isn't easy. We ate at Jimmy G's a couple of months ago and got them Pittsburgh; Jimmy (former executive chef at the Precinct) actually came to our table to see who would order such a steak. You can't go wrong with the Precinct, but we prefer Jimmy G's.

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      johnbycz--what's Pittsburgh? Is it blue/rare?

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        Pittsburgh is charred black on the outside and cold red on the inside. It's sometimes called black-and-blue, but one time I ordered a steak that way and it came out with bleu cheese on it. You need a really hot fire to do it, though there are other methods. I've had trouble getting this at the Precinct or any Ruby restaurant. Jimmy G's did it nicely, and El Coyote also does it really well.

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          OHHHHHH...thanks, johnbycz, for explaining that to me. I've had black-and-blue before, but never heard it as "Pittsburgh". I'm shaking my head in disgust, though, at the thought you were served a steak ordered black-and-blue and got it with bleu cheese. What kind of steak place would do that??

    2. My cousin ate at Eddie Merlot's this weekend and just raved about it, and he likes his steak rare.

      1. Any of Jeff Ruby's restaurants will get you a great steak. The 65 day dry aged beef is killer.

        1. When you look at the list of topics on any board, right underneath the board it tells where the board covers. More specifically, under the title "Great Lakes", it says "Tips for Dining, Eating, and Food Shopping in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio". And, of course, Cincinnati is in Ohio, so... :)

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            LOL--thanks nsxtasy:) I shoudda known--right? However,I, being the helicopter mom that I am, need to take this search for good steak in the Cincy area. *duh* maybe my hovering like a copter is one of the reasons my daughter moved so far away!! Seriously, though, thanks to everyone regarding the Precint. Am looking forward to a great steak dinner this coming weekend. Also--looking forward to taking lots of photos of the arena where the Bengals play so I can blow a photo up and place it in a window--I DESPISE the Eagles--and they are just so popular in this Philly area of mine. Yuck!

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              It's a very scenic area, jarona. You can easily take a whole afternoon just walking around the stadiums, downtown and the river. The riverfront dining options, though, are still in the building process.