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Jul 23, 2012 08:03 AM

Polka restaurant under new ownership

This may be old news:

We dined at Polka at Verdugo and York last night and were surprised to learn that the original owners had "retired" and moved back to Poland (last year) and their cousin had taken over the restaurant, according to our waitress, who assured us that the recipes and the cooks remained the same. The dining room got a minor remodel, losing much of the clutter, though the Guy Fieri poster still greets you at the door.

Wife had the goulash and I had the pork cutlet and we shared some pierogis. I couldn't discern a loss in quality, though we aren't exactly frequent diners. The biggest change: It wasn't packed like it always has been whenever we dine there. Maybe the regulars know something we don't and/or may be able to comment about any lowering of standards.

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  1. I didn't know this. I haven't been in a year at least, if not more... i hope someone has some insight!

    1. Yeah, I was in there a couple of times about 3-4 months ago after not going for about a year. I was surprised not to see the original owners (she would always bring me the book on Poland to read while I waited for my meal). I asked and it was the cousin who I asked. He said they were keeping everything the same but trying to "make it healthier". I feel the service was a little more warm when the original owners were there (since it was their baby), but could not discern any difference in the taste or quality of the food. I am just glad it is still open since I really love it.

      1. The original owners were such lovely people. I love the place and also have not seen a big change.