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Jul 23, 2012 06:48 AM

BT's Smokehouse Catering

Last Saturday we had a party at our house for about 75 people in Connecticut and we had BT's Smokehsue cater the meat for us and and it was fabulous. The brisket was perfect and the pulled pork was spectacular and the smoked chicken thighs were terrific. We were lucky enough to have friends pick it up on their way from Boston but I would highly recommend the extra effort if you are looking for great barbecue!!

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  1. Did similar last year and enjoyed it immensely

    1. Stopped by the restauant a few weeks back, and they have the best barbecue in New England that I've yet to enjoy. Phenomenal brisket, and some of the tastiest baby back ribs I've ever had. Sides were great as well.

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        glad to hear about this. we do a big party every july and have had it catered by holy smokes since they opened. this was their last year, however, and i was thinking bt's would be a good one to try. thanks!