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Jul 23, 2012 05:22 AM

Really good wine bars in Beaune?

Am planning 4 days this week around Beaune. I would love to find a wine bar or two with some really excellent Burgundies. Perhaps to tide me over between lunch and dinner. : - )

Any suggestions? Merci

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  1. We really loved Part des Anges just inside the town gates. However, I'd suggest dinner there as well. Had some truly amazing sweetbreads there, as well as excellent wine.

    1. Mille et Une Vins is a fun place next door to La Ciboulette near the Porte St. Nicolas. Good selection.

      1. Get down to Puligny Montrachet and see Julian at Caveau right on the bike trail. Sit on the sidewalk/patio and enjoy his selections:

        1. Thanks very much to you all!