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Jul 23, 2012 03:28 AM

Orlando Advice

I am coming to stay in downtown Orlando for the month of August and I am looking for some local advice.

I have missed a friends birthday, which was back in June, so as a surprise I would like to take them for a picnic, but I have never been to Orlando before, so I have no idea where to go. I am happy to travel a little out of Orlando if there is a really nice place, or alternatively if there is a nice spot in Orlando itself that would be great. I will also need to buy some nice food for the picnic, so are there any shops / good delis where I could buy some nice picnic type food?

Alternatively are there any nice restaurants which have a spot nearby where we could go for a walk afterwards, or which has a nice view?

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  1. If you are down town, The you can picnic at Lake Eola, over looking our famous fountain.

    There is a Publix near by where you can get picnic items.

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      Also if you don't mind crowds. Lake Eola has their farmers market on Sundays. They bring out tables and chairs, and there is quite a bit of food to try.

    2. Some people like to picnic on the grounds of the Polasek sculpture museum, right on a lake. If food is allowed, Leu Gardens would be lovely for a picnic. The state park at Wekiwa is pretty. You might pick up food at Dylan's Deli, a French cafe with nice sandwiches; FreshMarket; maybe from Croissant Gourmet or Mills 903 (someone help with the name?) or a food truck or Cuban Sandwiches to Go.

      1. Go to the springs. August is very hot for a picnic, imo.