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Jul 22, 2012 11:46 PM

Great Set Lunch Deals in HK?

Live here, work here and looking for some new ideas for lunch that won't break the bank. Any recommendations? Especially around Admiralty, Central and Sheung Wan.

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  1. Try ChomChom in LKF (opposite California Fitness). Good Vietnamese food handmade with care, and sooo cheap for the set lunch.

    You sit at the bench and chat to the chef, Peter. Ask him how he makes his broth.

    Only $100 (inc service change) for two courses and freshly made Vietnamese drink.

    1. When you mention "set lunches", are you referring to Chinese or Western meals, and are you okay with chain restaurants (e.g. Maxims)?

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        Either are fine. Variety is the spice of life but sometimes you do need a quieter, gentler ambience than Maxim's -- I'm just trying to have more ideas in my hip pocket so I'm not caught unawares.

      2. In Sheung Wan, try ABC Kitchen. It's in the Queen Street Cooked Food Market and is essentially the two chefs from a high-end restaurant M at The Fringe which sadly closed some years ago. Good robust European-style dishes. You'll be surprised this kind of place exists in a market.