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Jul 22, 2012 11:10 PM

26 (West LA) - Horrible experience, and Jeffs saves day

I (and many friends) have already learned to avoid Shilo's a so-called upscale restaurant on famed Pico Blvd in LA's westside at all costs. Too many screw-ups on overpriced and bland food together with mediocre service leads me to take my substantial business associates and family elsewhere.

The last time I was there, I tried their "famous" kobe Beef Burger, which tasted a little better than cardboard. I am friendly with their meat supplier and next time I met him I mentioned that I had the Kobe Burger, He looked incredulous and said "they're selling Kobe beef?? they don't buy Kobe beef!!

So tonight, when a few family members and friends wanted to celebrate a recent birthday at their sister (dairy) restaurant 26, I hesitated, but their pleading looks led me there anyways. It is the Nine days and choices are thought to be limited (They're not- every restaurant now has a nine day menu)

We got there early, and ordered some pasta dishes, sometime later the other guests arrived and ordered some fish entrees. The fish arrived 40 minutes later, the Tuna was raw inside (not rare, raw) and the Chilean sea bass was barely decent
After an hour I started asking for our Pasta dishes, nobody bothered to answer, so I called over the perpetually smiling French owner and politely told him we are waiting over an hour, 15 minutes goes by and no food, Waiter doesn't respond, owner is just continuing to wait on other tables, I told waiter to cancel my order he was clueless and after a few sharp words to the owner I left.

went straight to Jeffs, had the most delicious fish Tacos I've ever tasted, then some salmon wraps and texted my hapless relatives stuck at 26 how the food is, they hadn't received it yet ....

Avoid at all costs.

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  1. Very sorry that you had such a miserable experience. We use Jeff's and LA Burger Bar for a meal that never dissapoints. They've both bailed us out of unhappy situations mor than once. Good service is getting very hard to find.

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      If you don't mind the drive, we've always had great service & great food at Tierra Sur in Oxnard.

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        I've eaten at 26. You didn't miss anything.

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        unfortunately, Burgers bar has already closed down

      3. I was there twice recently, both times because we were in a large group that wanted dairy and they had seating available. We found that the servers and cooks did not communicate amongst themselves, which resulted in a series of Fawlty Towers mishaps. When they have it on the menu (and when you have time to wait), the trout with artichokes and tomatoes and the Moroccan soup are good choices.
        I much prefer going to Nana for dairy.
        Fish Grill makes great fish tacos too.
        If you like fish, Got Kosher makes a fabulous Tuna Fricasse served on brioche that is usually on the dinner menu, but if they have the ingredients they will make it for lunch for you as well. They are "bite size" sandwiches, so order 2 or 3. Service can be a little slow there as well, so go when you are hungry but not starving :)

        1. This was a long post but a few questions or comments.

          1. Kobe beef is not available in the United States what was being served as Shilo;s was most likely Wagyu beef.

          2. Was your tuna Ahi tuna which is usually served seared and raw inside? This is a delicious dish but maybe not for those that don't like raw fish.

          3. I agree Jeff's has great food but seating is often times not available.

          I have not been to this restaurant as I have not been to LA in a couple years but I was wondering if anyone else had a better experiance.

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            1) Their menu (and price) says Kobe Beef Burger

            2) Wasn't Ahi Tuna, and wasn't meant to be raw, The guy who ordered it requested cooked

            3) Seating is usually a problem for first few minutes, I guess its because the food is good

            We didnt plan on casual dining, it was supposed to be an evening out, we were simply hungry and went to Jeffs to eat.

            4) Tierra Del Sur is truly a treat but it is (at least) 90 mins from west LA