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Jul 22, 2012 10:13 PM

beans for breakfast -- veg version

My latest favorite breakfast is a bowl of warm black beans with chopped avocado, nectarine (or mango) and grape tomatoes mixed in. I'm looking for other bean-oriented ideas that are preferably vegan but could include eggs.

I realize I'm somewhat replicating two threads here, but I'm hoping for a more specific list of ideas. The "beans for breakfast thread" in Home Cooking didn't have enough veg ideas and the "vegan breakfast ideas" thread on this board lacked bean ideas. Thanks in advance for your creativity!

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  1. How about a breakfast taco with bean, onions and cheese as filling? You can easily veganize by omitting cheese and including bean, corn, onions, pepper and cilantro. This goes well with ranchero sauce too.

    1. Honestly, I personally love leftover dal for breakfast. There are dals from almost every legume out there, and most are easily veganizable (i.e. they generally use ghee but oil will work).

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      1. What about ful, the Egyptian fava bean breakfast? Or using chickpea flour to make quiche or crepes? We often make besan chilla for brunch, which is an Indian pancake made with chickpea flour. You could also use white beans in a skillet scramble.


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          The crepe idea is good for weekends, but too much for my hectic mornings. I've never had ful, but it looks/sounds interesting. Do you have a favorite recipe?

        2. Breakfast burrito. Saute zucchini, peppers, onions, corn, whatever veggies you enjoy, then add cooked beans towards the end. Liberally spice with chili powder, cumin, paprika, your choice. Pile into a warmed flour tortilla and chow down.