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Jul 22, 2012 08:47 PM

Casual Italian Lunch in Manhattan?

Looking for a recommendation for Italian for lunch on Tuesday where we won't feel too out of place in a t-shirt and shorts - my friend and I are going to the Mets game later that night, and we won't have a chance to change beforehand. We had thought about Little Italy, but everything I've read when I'm searching through here leads me to believe we could do better elsewhere. Price isn't a concern, but I'd think most of the higher-end options wouldn't be compatible because of the dress code.


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  1. Being Italian I'd suggest Aurora, on broome street and thompson street, or Quinto Quarto on Bedford street, between 6th av and Carmine st.
    Aurora is probably a little better but I prefer the ambience of Quinto Quarto.
    Both are nice and casual spots where I personally go whenever I want a simple, quick and good meal and I'm too tired (or too lazy) to cook at home.

    1. Bottino, on 10th Av., b/t 24th & 25th, has very good food and a lovely garden. Shorts and t-shirts would be totally acceptable.

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      1. Trust me go to Bar Pitti you will love it

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          I'll second Bar Pitti for Italian, they have excellent food. You can eat outside. No one will care what you wear.If they are packed, you can eat next door, good Italian at Da Silvano. You can go further downtown to LES and eat at Meatball Shoppe or Inoteca ( Ludlow St.)

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            I personally recommend against Silvano, it used to be ok, now I think it's a tier below Aurora...
            Bar Pitti is great for the vibe, the food is ok, but I find it a little overpriced...

            PS By the way, I've been to Barolo yesterday, great back garden, but I'll never go back.. Pasta was pre-cooked and the steak tartare starter was almost a joke... I heard a lot of people raving about it but I really thought it was one of the worst italian meal I had (among the mid-to-expensive restaurant)

            1. re: Tommy D.

              According to their site, it is weekend lunch, so not on a Tuesday:

              Friday - Sunday
              11:30am - 2:30pm

            2. Eataly has a number of great options and t-shirts and shorts are accepted in all of them.