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Jul 22, 2012 07:25 PM

Whole Belly Clams

I'm headed up to NY/CT at the end of the week. I grew up in New England and have a fierce love of fried clam bellies. I'll be in and around City Island, NY and up to Stamfort CT. I would love some recomended spots to find them. The plumper, the better

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  1. I love them too and cannot find them in NYC. Here is a thread that might help you:

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      Won't help the OP, but Littleneck in Gowanus, Brooklyn has fried whole clams on their Clam Roll.

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        It may not help the OP, but it sure helps me! Thanks a log, Bobjbkin!

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          It may not help the OP, but it sure helps me!!! Thanks, bobjbkln!!!

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            My wife and I went to Littleneck on Thursday for the first time. She had the lobster roll and I went with the clam roll. I tried her lobster roll and, although I liked it (a lot), I thought the clam roll was the winner. That was one knockout clam roll, still thinking about it...

        2. Sounds like Westport is where I'm heading.

          Thanks for the Link.

          1. It's not near City Island, but London Lennies in Rego park, Queens, has whole belly Ipswitch clams, in a very generous portion.

            1. The original comment has been removed