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Jul 22, 2012 05:14 PM

Too many Thai chilis?

My father's garden is overflowing with all sorts of peppers. I have plans for the chilacas, poblanos, and all others except for the Thai chilis. Does anyone know of great uses for these in large quantities? We don't really know how to can things, but I'm thinking of making Hawaiian chili water to keep in the refrigerator.

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  1. Do you mean super-hot little bird chiles? One simple Hunan-influenced suggestion is the following:

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      1. re: aventinus

        Yes, do this immediately!! I use a mix of red and green peppers and always have this delicious condiment in my fridge. Really, it goes with everything IMO.

      2. I also freeze them -- they keep very well that way.

        1. You can preserve them in vinegar. This spicy/sour vinegar is a condiment on almost every Thai table.

          1. string them and let them dry naturally? keeps them handy and looks quite decorative...

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              Fill a vodka bottle with fresh chiles making sure to remove stems, then fill bottle with vodka-keep in freezer for special occasions.

              1. re: Sam Salmon

                I love this suggestion!

                You could also make chilli oil - dry them first then add to olive oil. I keep a bottle next to my stove and add to loads of things, also as a topping for pizza etc for a bit of an extra hit.

              2. re: ginaatcateror

                Yes, string & dry (called "ristras" in the southwest). I did a bunch of them last year for my bhut jolokias, jalapenos and habaneros. Took awhile to dry (went through a leathery stage), but now I just pull off a few, bash with a rolling pen, and have wonderful dried peppers for all sorts of dishes.