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Jul 22, 2012 05:09 PM

Good restaurants in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Manteo Area

Hi fellow Chow Hounds,
I'll be in Nags Head in two weeks and I'm looking for a list of recommended restaurants in the area. I used a post from SweetPhyl on my last trip years ago and it was really spot on. However, it is from 2007 and is probably a little out of date.
Any help would be appreciated.
Are you out there SweetPhyl?

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  1. Black Pelican
    Red Drum Tap House
    Lone Cedar

    1. I was there about a month ago, and the Brine & Bottle served by far the best meal we had there. i very highly recommend it. It's a little more upscale ("upscale" being a relative term) than most of the other restaurants in the area, but still very casual.

      I also recommend Blue Moon Beach Grill. They serve good food and have one of the better beer selections I saw on the OBX.

      1. I've lived here for over 20 years....Skip Kelly's and Lone Cedar. Kelly's was never good. Lone Cedar was years ago before the fire and they rebuilt. (Over rated & way over priced!!!) Local faves are Kill Devil Grill (MP9 3/4 on the beach road) Old diner car...great food & atmosphere!!! Black Pelican (MP 4) has great wood-oven pizza. Red Drum (MP 10.5) has great burgers and seafood. Very noisy though. Higher end.. fine dining recs are ....Owen's (MP16.5) Family owned and have been here for 66 years. (Must be doing something right!!!) Highly recommend Colington Cafe (MP 8.5 off of Colington Road) You'll have to call for reservations...but easy enough to get. Great food. Fantastic atmosphere. Higher end...but VERY reasonable prices!!! Check out some of the food sites (Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.) and you'll see how highly my recs are rated. These are the places I actually go to. A lot depends on who's in your party...and what type of dining you're looking for.
        Also...if you're looking for fresh seafood to cook on your own...the only place to go to is Carawan's in Kitty Hawk....right by the ABC store.