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Jul 22, 2012 05:00 PM

The Firkin on Yonge

This is my first written review on CH, so please bear with me. :)

Mr. Cheezwhiz and I were getting set to leave Toronto, and couldn't find anything in the Eaton Center that appealed to me, we popped outside to see what was around, and spotted The Firkin. I love great pub food, so I thought we'd try it out.

It was 11am, and we were quickly seated at a small booth. It was quite hot out, and it didn't feel like they had air conditioning, or perhaps it wasn't fully on yet. Our drink orders were quickly taken, and brought.

I ordered Irish Nachos, the Stuffed Yorkie, Deep Fried Pickles and the Big Hog. Unfortunately, they had sold out of Fried Pickles the night before, so I missed out on that. Hubby ordered the Cheddar & Bacon Burger. After a bit of a wait, it all came out at the same time, piping hot.

Irish Nachos - Waffle fries, topped with a ton of cheese, bacon, green onions and sour cream and broiled until the cheese was deliciously crispy, but not overdone. I loved these, they were probably my favorite part.

the Stuffed Yorkie - This was a small Yorkshire Pudding, with mashed potatoes on the bottom, pot roast and thick gravy. The gravy was the most standout part of this dish, I found the pudding to be a little dry, and the meat and potatoes were just average. Gravy rocked, though, if a little salty.

The Big Hog - Fries with cheese curds, more of the same gravy and maple pulled pork,. The best part of this was the cheese, the pulled pork was scant and I wasn't a fan of the flavor. Fries were ok, but a little thick cut for my liking.

Cheese & Bacon Burger - Not a spectacular burger, he said it was a little overdone, and came with fries and 3 onion rings. Meh at best.

I would return simply for the Irish Nachos, and a chance to try those deep fried pickles!

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  1. The Firkin chain can really be hit or miss. The one in the small town where I live has some good white board specials and I tend to stay there. The menu items can be boil in bag kinda stuff.

    One of the good things about my local is the Sri Lankans in the kitchen make a mean Chicken Curry. It's on the board every Friday.


    1. Next time you're at the Eaton Centre and craving pub food, I recommend exiting out the north end and cutting up to Elm Street to try the Queen & Beaver. Pricier but a more interesting and high-quality pub experience than any Firkin, for sure!