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Jul 22, 2012 04:25 PM

Why does NYC lack "real" doughnut shops?

Not talking about Doughnut Plant, Dough, and the like. Delicious, but I'm talking about the $4-for-a-dozen-glazed-style shops (mostly run by Korean-Americans) that permeate southern California and even Texas. Every corner or strip mall seems to have one. Is it a rent issue?

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  1. Have to agree with you,kind of like how mcd's stopped many from making a good burger for years, the success of dunkin doughnuts has all but eliminated any competition.

    1. NYers would rather have a bagel in the morning?

      1. Were donuts ever known as a New York thing? Also, head to Peter Pan donuts in Greenpoint for "real" donuts.

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        1. re: chompchomp

          No, they weren't. Not even remotely saying they were. Peter Pan is closer to what I'm after but still not quite—I'm talking about the type of shop that is incredibly generic (e.g., no red velvet or coconut cream flavors, just glazed, sprinkled, and cake) and appears on almost every corner in southern California. I don't think they exist in NY, so I'm not actively searching but rather speculating as to why they're so scarce.

          1. re: loratliff

            Well, yes, they were, but maybe too long ago for CH history. Growing up in Brooklyn in the 50s-60s, every nabe had at least one donut shop (usually with a counter for coffee and sandwiches), and bringing a box (as in a pastry box, in twine) of jelly or cream donuts for an evening visit at someone's house or apartment (for much smoking, coffee, and cards) was considered a mandatory treat.

            1. re: bob96

              Interestingly enough, at the kind of places the OP is talking about, there's not a lot of focus on cream filled or jellies.

        2. Agree about the lack of "real" doughnut shop. Hard to get enthused with, and really jaded by the non-bagel that's always Dunkin' Doughnut office early morning meetings.

          1. You will find them in many places in the outer boroughs - your insight about the high Manhattan rents is correct I believe. Maybe Donut Pub on 14th St is more along the lines of what you're looking for?