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Jul 22, 2012 03:49 PM

Remedy Coffee -- Oakland

What happened to Remedy??

Windows papered, furniture gone. No posts on twitter account for a few weeks.

Not even a goodbye?? I thought they'd have more class. . . .

They were nice while they lasted, not my favorite place, but definitely good place for a cup of coffee.

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  1. A little more info:

    Seems like maybe some bad business decisions. Wonder who's going to take if over next.

    1. "more class...." seems a bit harsh. And regarding business decisions it's unlikely that they made the decision to have someone else open Arbor Cafe on the next block...

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      1. re: twocents

        I do think it is classless to not say goodbye to loyal customers and a community that was good to them. It probably would make people less likely to be excited and welcoming of a new venture, further down the road.

        Arbor Cafe must be better in some way or people would have been flocking to Remedy instead. They are a little more friendly and welcoming . . .

        1. re: BeanBoy

          excuse my ignorance on the local cafes, but Remedy was a spot that prepared drinks, and didn't roast their own coffees ? that is a very tough way to make payroll, rent, and expenses. good barristas can find work in a lot of places, and they're more inclined to be friendly and welcoming when the pay and benefits keep 'em contented.

          1. re: moto

            So by your logic the main motivation for baristas is money? Wow!! Didn't know that baristas were living so well.

            I would think that if an employer treats people well, even if they can't pay them well, the workers tend to be nicer. Have you ever been to Dennis Leary's The Sentinel? It is a sandwich shop maybe 100 sq ft, 8 workers, a line out the door. I doubt the workers are raking in the dough, but none of them give you any attitude. No forced smiles. No falsetto voices asking you what you want. They genuinely appear to like what they do and what they make.

            Remedy was obviously not run well. They had a nice concept. Sadly, the owner seemed to make bad decisions like installing a first-class kitchen and never using it. Setting up systems that made the workers run around and take forever to make one simply drink. People got fed up and were able to walk a block away to get a decent cup of coffee.

            1. re: moto

              Huh? Most coffee shops don't roast their own, like my local cafe that uses Verve. Coffee prices going up don't help, but the business model is people pay for the "third space", a place to hang and love and laugh, and if you think of coffee as renting space, you can make the business work. How good a barrista you need is up for discussion, as well. My local place (Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park) uses Verve coffee, takes the staff down for Verve training every once in a while, and has a lot of faces passing through at the bar. There's lots of ways to make a business work.

              1. re: bbulkow

                the numerous coffee/espresso cafes that are part of the big chains have their corporate godparent roast their coffees, controlling that significant cost. their branch locations don't seem to go out of bidness too often, either. of course their are many variations of a successful bidness model, but barristas who have difficulty putting out product efficiently and consistently won't help.

            2. re: BeanBoy

              I heard that they were behind on rent and unable to pay their employees for the past few weeks.

              In any event, pulling the plug out of nowhere is definitely not a classy way to go, regardless of their reasons for closing.

              1. re: sullaspiaggia

                I don't think Arbor hurt them too much...any time I went into Remedy it was full. And that area could definitely handle more people. Remedy didn't sell enough food....