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Jul 22, 2012 02:51 PM

SB Indian?

We are headed to SB for a family vacation. Wondering if there's Indian worth trying?

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  1. Several to try; none memorable. A real missing link in our restaurant scene. But also some I have not tried mainly because early local reviews were not enticing. The ones here seem to be afraid of "flavor" more Anglo-Indian than the full, complex blends that are unique and haunting for each dish. For convenience only I go to Flavor of India and their na'an bread is very good My "chicken tikka korma" as pretty good if one dimensional, but the sides uninspired. Service friendly.

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      3 days into our vacation and my indian husband decided he could not survive another minute without an Indian meal. I warned him that he was likely to be disappointed. He insisted. We ordered take away from flavour of india as it was convenient to us. Sadly it turned out to be flavourless of India. There was much sighing and Bally-hooing. Followed by some not so subtle I-told-you-so-ing.

      However, I hear there is a Sri lankan food truck? Anyone know of such a thing.?

      1. re: heavenstobetsy

        Thanks for the report and sadly for the confirmation of the general listlessness of Indian food in this town. There has been a proliferation of food trucks lately but don't know of a Sri Lankan one. There is a newer Indian restaurant in Goleta which is getting some fairly good reviews so I will have to give it a try to see if there is hope. It is a shame because there are sufficient numbers of well-traveled people in this town who appreciate authentic flavors - after all we brag Julia Child's wintered here and there are a number of serious food groups and culinary classes always going on.

        I hope your husband will write a review on the <> blog to offer constructive tips for Flavor of India - I would love to see them take their offerings up a few notches without overwhelming local sensibilities.