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FUSION BUFFET to open soon in Toms River

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passed by today Opening Soon Fusion Buffet.....its in the Home Depot Plaza on Rt 9/Rt571 in
Toms River.....next to Franks Pasta House....sounds interesting more to come...

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  1. I think it is called Tony's Pasta House.

    Another buffet. TR needs another buffet about as much as another Italian or chain restaurant.

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      I stand corrected sorry......I agree TR just needs some "really good" restaurants period.

    2. It's now open......went tonight for dinner, the place was mostly empty, most food was cold & looked like it was laying there a while, sushi was terrible some funky flavors and didn't taste fresh at all yuk, best thing was the Hibachi grill,.. ......
      let's just say we'll never return.